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DSA Theory Test for Motorcyclists

Here is CBT Test Practice Online Online 50 Questions. This Motorcycle Theory Test Mock test questions practice is 100% free. As you can see many mock tests with latest questions are available free for your online practice. Out of 50 Motorbike Test Online questions 47 answers must be correct. On results page of each mock test practice red answers will be wrong if any and you will have an option to hit go back button to make them correct. Free CBT Theory Test practice of these questions are very helpful for Motorcycle Theory Test Practice Free. We also encourage you to share these mock tests with your friends using facebook or twitter. If you practice Motorcycle Test Questions and Answers theory test questions here with 100% successful answers. Its mean you good to go for real exam.

Motorbike Theory Questions is for 2017 exam. If you not successfully achieved 100% result on our mock tests. Then have some patience and do more practice because if you go with less preparation chances are you will not get good news. We adding more questions day by day so keep visiting our website for latest changes of CBT Test Questions latest test questions updates. Good Luck for your Practice CBT test exam this year 2017.

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Practice Motorcycle Theory Test 02

motorbike theory test mock motorcycle theory test online free

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Q:1-What should you always do when you leave your motorbike parked up for any length of time?
Mark one answer:

Put the parking light on
Disconnect the battery
Apply the steering lock
Move your motorbike onto the kerb

Q:2-You are about to ride someone else’s motorcycle. What must you ensure before you ride it?
Mark one answer:

The owner has the insurance documents on them
That it has enough oil in it
That it has at least third party insurance cover
That you are insured to ride it

Q:3-Why could the ability of an elderly person on the road be affected?
Mark one answer:

They may react slowly
They may not understand new road signs
They may not be insured
They may drive too quickly

Q:4-What shape is normally used for road signs that give orders?
Mark one answer:


Q:5-As you approach a crossroads you see that the traffic lights are not working. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Sound your horn and continue ahead
Brake hard and stop
Slow down and be ready to stop
Give way to any large vehicles

Q:6-People can often go into shock if they sustain an injury. What can be a sign of shock?
Mark one answer:

A pulse that feels slower than normal
Pale skin with a grey tinge
A flushed appearance
None of the above

Q:7-For the first time ever you are riding your motorcycle with a sidecar attached to it. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Be more cautious and keep your speed down
Accelerate around corners
Ride faster than you usually would
Brake later than usual, as you will be able to stop quicker

Q:8-You have third party insurance on your motorcycle, but what does this cover?
Mark one answer:

Theft of your motorcycle
Costs if you have an accident
Accidental damage to your motorcycle
None of the above

Q:9-There is a crosswind as you ride along a motorway. When should you take extra care?
Mark one answer:

When riding through an exposed area
When riding past a tall or large vehicle
When overtaking
All of the above

Q:10-Which road user may take unusual paths at a roundabout?
Mark one answer:

A milk float
A long vehicle
All of the above

motorcycle theory test questions and answers