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On this page you will find life in the uk test 2017 free online practice questions for life in the uk test third edition. This practice test life in the uk is completely free with no charge at all. You will be given 24 questions in your life in the uk a journey to citizenship 2017. Our life in the uk test handbook is similar with the life in uk sample test 2017. You can also find life in the uk test online practice often asked in previous exams. When you take a life in uk test changes 100 questions keep in mind once answers submitted there is no way back.

life in uk test practice online you must achieve 75% marks which are 18 from 24 questions. These questions are for life in uk test free but will also helpful life in life in the united kingdom a journey to citizenship 2017. When you visits life in the uk test preparation you will see many multiple choice questions each with a set of 10 how many questions on test for life in uk.

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Practice Life in UK Test 24

the life in the uk life in the uk practice test free

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Q:1-Which of the following is associated with the Elizabethan period in England?
Mark one answer:

Scientific movement
Growing patriotism
Women rights
Civil wars

Q:2-Wales wasn’t under Anglo-Saxon rule
Mark one answer:


Q:3-The Boer War took place in which country of the British Empire?
Mark one answer:

South Africa

Q:4-Magna Carta is Latin for what?
Mark one answer:

The British Agreement
The act of government
The Great Charter
The Bible law

Q:5-When did the first farmers start settling in Britain?
Mark one answer:

6000 years ago
10000 years ago
4000 years ago
8500 years ago

Q:6-Other than London universities, which university was credited with the discovery of the DNA molecule in 1953?
Mark one answer:


Q:7-Which novel is the satirical novelist Evelyn Waugh best known for?
Mark one answer:

Romeo and Juliet
Lord of the Rings
Brideshead Revisited
The Harry Potter Series

Q:8-What followed the Bronze Age?
Mark one answer:

The medieval period
The Iron Age
The Stone Age
The Silver Age

Q:9-Who was Catherine of Aragon (the first of Henry VIII’s six wives )?
Mark one answer:

Spanish princess
French princess
Swedish princess
Dutch princess

Q:10-In 1982, which country invaded the Falklands prompting UK to send its naval force in defense?
Mark one answer:


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