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If you are preparing for the Life in the UK Test as part of your ILR or citizenship. For all Preparation tips for the Life in the UK test you have to Preparing for the Life in the UK Test . Life in the UK Test Free Online Practice Questions includes questions life inthe UK test. B1 for settlement/ILR applicants; A1 for FLR/marriage visa applicants; TOEFL exams for university entrance; Full Life in the UK test preparation.

we make it more simple way that lifeinuk test 24 questions are separated by 10 questions set. Free Life In The UK Test online preparation: complete study guide for 2017.

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Practice Life in UK Test 22

Preparation for Life in UK Test Life in the UK Test (2017 Edition): Practice Questions

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Q:1-At what age did Queen Victoria become queen of the UK?
Mark one answer:

7 years old
18 years old
One week old
3 years old

Q:2-During the Victorian period, transport link improved, enabling goods and people to move easily around the country
Mark one answer:


Q:3-What is the name of the song sung by people in the UK and other countries when celebrating the New Year?
Mark one answer:

The Heart of the Matter
Sense and Sensibility
Auld Lang Syne

Q:4-During the WWII, the evacuation of more than 300,000 British and French soldiers from France gave rise to which phrase?
Mark one answer:

the Blitz
the Great escape
the British rescue
the Dunkirk spirit

Q:5-Which government was elected in 1945?
Mark one answer:

Liberal Democrats

Q:6-In which year did John Logie Baird make the first TV broadcast between Glasgow and London?
Mark one answer:


Q:7-Who was the first Archbishop of Canterbury?
Mark one answer:

St Columba
St Patrick
St George
St Augustine

Q:8-Which of the following statements is correct?
Mark one answer:

Parliament won the English Civil War
Charles I's army was defeated at the Battle of Marston Moor but won the Battle of Naseby

Q:9-What is Sir Isaac Newton’s famous published work?
Mark one answer:

Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
Quantum Photon Properties
Discovery of the God particle
Relativistic theory of light

Q:10-In which year was there was a major outbreak of plague in London?
Mark one answer:


Life in the UK test FREE online practice 2017 exam.