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3rd edition Handbook used for the 2017 Life in the UK exam Life in the UK Test with our free practice tests

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Q:1-What was the more probable use for the Stonehenge?
Mark one answer:

A hiding place from enemies
A fort for soldiers
A safe place for shelter
A special gathering place for seasonal ceremonies

Q:2-Who is credited with the introduction of the National Health Service (NHS) in 1948?
Mark one answer:

Aneurin Bevan
Florence Nightingale
Winston Churchill
David Hume

Q:3-James VI of Scotland was not related to Queen Elizabeth I of England
Mark one answer:


Q:4-Which of these international events was held in London in 2012?
Mark one answer:

The Paralympic Games
The World Cup
The Commonwealth Games
EURO 2012

Q:5-Which of these flowers is closely associated with Remembrance Day?
Mark one answer:


Q:6-What is a traditional pub game?
Mark one answer:


Q:7-Northern Ireland and Scotland have their own banknotes valid everywhere in the UK
Mark one answer:


Q:8-Who governs the Church of Scotland?
Mark one answer:

Local Authorities
Ministers and elders
The Archbishop of Canterbury
The Pope

Q:9-What is the currency used in the UK?
Mark one answer:

Pound sterling

Q:10-Where is the Royal Crescent is located?
Mark one answer:


All tests are based on the handbook Life in the United Kingdom, 3rd edition