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Practice Life in UK Test 16

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Q:1-George Frederick wrote which oratorio, which is sung regularly by choirs, often at Easter time?
Mark one answer:

The Origin
The Light of the Moon

Q:2-Who was the British scientist who was awarded the Nobel prize for the discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule?
Mark one answer:

James Goodfellow
John Macleod
Alan Turing
Francis Crick

Q:3-Which of the following is a fundamental principle of British life?
Mark one answer:

Individual liberty

Q:4-In what year was there a revolution in France which led to a war with Britain?
Mark one answer:


Q:5-David Hockney was an important contributor to the ‘pop art’ movement of the 1960s
Mark one answer:


Q:6-Which of these is correct in the chronological order?
Mark one answer:

the Black Death, Magna Carta, Canterbury Tales
the Black Death, Canterbury Tales, Magna Carta
Canterbury Tales, the Black Death, Magna Carta
Magna Carta, the Black Death, Canterbury Tales,

Q:7-Which of these is a British invention?
Mark one answer:

Hovercraft tank
The structure of the DNA molecule
Fire extinguisher

Q:8-Which stories are associated with Geoffrey Chaucer?
Mark one answer:

The Westend Tales
The Eastend Tales
The London Tales
The Canterbury Tales

Q:9-Which pair won gold medals for Ice dancing at the Olympic Games in 1984 and in four consecutive world championships?
Mark one answer:

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean
Jennifer Nicks and John Nicks
Doreen Denny and Courtney Jones
Jean Westwood and Lawrence Demmy

Q:10-In 1998, what was the estimated population of the UK?
Mark one answer:

75 million
62 million
42 million
57 million

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