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Q:1-What does Eid al-Fitr celebrate?
Mark one answer:

The end of Ramadan
The founding of the Muslim community
That the prophet Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his son when God ordered him to
The stuggle for religious freedom

Q:2-The Lake District is the largest national park in Scotland
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Q:3-What do the Brit Awards celebrate?
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Q:4-What is the highest denomination of coins one can find in the UK?
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Q:5-When did a group of Catholics led by Guy Fawkes fail in their plan to kill the Protestant king with a bomb in the Houses of Parliament?
Mark one answer:

5th November 1405
5th November 1505
5th November 1605
5th November 1705

Q:6-It is illegal for shops and businesses to not accept the banknotes of Northern Ireland and Scotland
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Q:7-How many ski centres are there in Scotland?
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Q:8-You are not responsible for cleaning up after your pet in public places
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Q:9-What is the minimum age for going into betting shops or gambling clubs?
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Q:10-The devolved governments do not have the power to legislate on any issues but can advise and encourage
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