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Here is practise citizenship test Online 24 Questions of liuk test. This the practice citizenship test online questions practice is 100% free. As you can see many mock tests with latest questions are available free for your citizenship practice test online . Out of 24 life and life in the uk test questions 18 answers must be correct. On results page of each free life in the life in the uk practice test questions red answers will be wrong if any and you will have an option to hit go back button to make them correct. Life of UK Test practice of these questions are very helpful for life in the uk practice questions . We also encourage you to share these mock tests with your friends using facebook or twitter. If you practice knowledge of life in the uk test questions here with 100% successful answers. Its mean you good to go for real exam.

freelifeintheuktest is for 2017 exam. If you not successfully achieved 100% result on our mock tests. Then have some patience and do more practice because if you go with less preparation chances are you will not get good news. We adding more questions day by day so keep visiting our website for latest changes of life in the uk latest test questions updates. Good Luck for your life in life in uk test 2017 3rd edition this year 2017.

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Practice Life in UK Test 05

Questions taken from life in the uk test free online practice questions in our new uk life test practice 2017.

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Q:1-How can you contact your MP?
Mark one answer:

By writing a letter
By using social networks
By sending an Email
By sending a text message

Q:2-Where is Tate Britain and Tate Modern located?
Mark one answer:


Q:3-What is the Grand National?
Mark one answer:

Horse racing

Q:4-What tells us about how people lived just after the Norman Conquest?
Mark one answer:

The Domesday Book
The best preserved prehistoric village
The Great Charter
The Bayeux Tapestry

Q:5-In 1913, the British government promised ‘Home Rule’ for Ireland, why was this postponed?
Mark one answer:

The English people complained
The outbreak of World War I
It was opposed by Catholics
The Scottish people also wanted to self-govern

Q:6-Which is a famous area in London for theatres?
Mark one answer:

West End
East End
The City
South Endr

Q:7-What was the longest British War with France called?
Mark one answer:

The Battle of the Boyne
The Battle of Bannockburn
The Hundred Years War
The Battle of Trafalgar

Q:8-Can the anthem ‘God save the queen’ be played only in presence of the queen
Mark one answer:


Q:9-What should you do to make a complaint about the police?
Mark one answer:

Write to your MP
Write to the Chief Constable of the Police forc
Write a complaint letter to the House of Commons
Complain to the Police force directly

Q:10-What character did Charlie Chaplin play?
Mark one answer:


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