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Questions taken from Life in the UK Practice Test in our new life in the uk test 3rd edition .

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Q:1-The Union Jack is comprised of four countries’ crosses. They are: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Mark one answer:


Q:2-The Victoria Cross medal was introduced during which war?
Mark one answer:

The First World War
The Second World War
The Hundred Years War
The Crimean War

Q:3-What did the Queen celebrate in 2012?
Mark one answer:

Gold Jubilee
Diamond Jubilee
Silver Jubilee
Platinum Jubilee

Q:4-The queen’s eldest son, Prince Chalres, is also known as?
Mark one answer:

The Prince of Wales
The Duke of Edinburgh
The King of Ireland
The Commonwealth King

Q:5-Who was the Prime minister and inspiration leader during the World War Two?
Mark one answer:

Alexander Fleming
Clement Attlee
R A Butler
Winston Churchill

Q:6-What lead the American colonies to declare their independence?
Mark one answer:

The UK not providing enough health care
The UK wanting to tax the colonies
The UK not sending enough money
The UK wanting to stop the slave trade

Q:7-Which battle did William the Conqueror fight in?
Mark one answer:

The Battle of Agincourt
The Battle of Bosworth Field
The Battle of Bannockburn
The Battle of Hastings

Q:8-Queen Elizabeth I was a devout Catholic and persecuted Protestants
Mark one answer:


Q:9-How often do PM’s Questions take place in the parliament?
Mark one answer:

Every Week
Every Working Day
Every Two Weeks
Every Month

Q:10-What did Sir Frank Whittle invent in the 1930s?
Mark one answer:

Jet engine
Ballpoint pen

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