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Freefirst aid training questions to pass first aid practice test and answers. For first aid course questions you must go through real exam. For that we provide first aid training questions and answers real test. We discuss in these mock test questions from different topics like first aid level 1 test questions, first aid at work exam questions, first aid questions and answers for exams 2017 first aid course answers.

Basic First Aid Quiz

In this test you have to answer first aid test questions. Which are separated into first aid quiz questions. So Enjoy these first aid at work test questions to get enough knowledge for first aid quiz questions and answers quiz pdf. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

Practice First Aid Test 05

first aid multiple choice questions and answers

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Q:1-Which First Aid record must be kept by law in the workplace?
Mark one answer:

The Day Book
Individual medical records
The Accident Book
Hospital Transfer form

Q:2-What should you do for a casualty who has just sprained an ankle?
Rest with leg elevated for ankle casualty
Mark one answer:

Apply local heat
Massage the swelling
Rest with leg elevated
Keep exercising it

Q:3-Which of the following is the priority when treating fractured ribs on a conscious casualty?
Immediately treat any sucking chest wound first aid
Mark one answer:

Help the casualty into the half-sitting position
Lay the casualty on their back with legs raised
Immediately treat any sucking chest wound
Support the limb on the injured side in an elevated sling

Q:4-What is the treatment for a casualty having an asthmatic attack?
Sit quitly, leaning forward on a support first aid
Mark one answer:

Sit quitly, leaning forward on a support
Advise the casualty to breath through their nose
Give plenty of water to drink
Lay the casualty down and raise their legs

Q:5-Which of the following could indicate internal bleeding in the stomach?
Mark one answer:

Bright red frothy blood coughed up
Dark red blood vomited
Smoky urine
Black tarry motions from the rectum

Q:6-which of the following best sums up concussion?
Brain shaking first aid
Mark one answer:

Destruction of brain tissue
Lack of circulation to the brain
Brain shaking
Deadening of brain nerves

Q:7-You are called to a casualty who has an abdominal wound. Which is the correct position for the casualty?
Mark one answer:

Flat on their back with head turned to one side
Flat on their back with knees bent & supported
In the recovery position with the injured side uppermost
In a half-sitting position with knees bent & supported

Q:8-An unconscious casualty is lying on their back and has a broken leg. What position is best for the casualty?
Recovery Position first aid
Mark one answer:

Recovery Position
Leave them as they are
Sitting up
Lying down with the legs raised

Q:9-What is the best for conscious casualty is suffering from internal bleeding?
Mark one answer:

Laying down with Legs raised
Laying flat down
Half sitting position
Recovery position

Q:10-For how many minutes (minimum) do you cool a burn with cold water?
Brain shaking first aid
Mark one answer:


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