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Paramedic exam practice questions relates to those who provide emergency medical facility to the patients. If you wish to start a career in this profession you have to complete Paramedic Study Guide PDF from approved awarding body.
Basically EMT Training has three levels.

Free paramedic practice test has to provide pre-hospital emergency treatement while trasporting a patient to the hospital. EMT professionals with knowledge of paramedic questions and answers ihcd technician provide basic life supporting assistane to those suffering serious medical conditions. EMT plays very important role in saving a person's life as EMT deals with the patient first before patient gets treated by doctor.

Freeparamedic practice scenarios online to pass practice paramedic test. For emergency medical technician exam questions you must go through real exam. For that we provide emt training online free real test.

Paramedic Study Questions

In this test you have to answer emt online quiz. So Enjoy these online emt test to get enough knowledge for emt exam questions and answers. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

Quiz EMT Questions and Answers Basic EMT Quiz and Answer Paramedic Exam Questions With Answers EMT Practice Test Quiz EMT questions practice EMT Practice Tests Free

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Q:1-What do you mean by body mechanics?
Mark one answer:

Proper use of the body so as to reduce injury and help move patients
Having the strength to lift a patient
Isotonic exercise techniques that improve the spine’s ability to withstand stress
Individuals who perform work on the human body

Q:2-What is meant by artificial ventilation?
Mark one answer:

When a machine does the breathing for a patient that can still breathe on normally their own
The insertion of an oropharyngeal bag valve mask to provide negative air flow and proper suction
The forcing of air or oxygen into the lungs when a patient cannot breathe for themselves at all
Breathing assistance for a patient that has a slow heart rate

Q:3-What is cardiac compromise?
Mark one answer:

A heart murmur caused by a malfunctioning valve
Myocardial infarction
An encompassing term that refers to any type of heart issue
Tachycardic dyspnea

Q:4-What does the alphabet ‘A’ in AVPU stand for?
Mark one answer:


Q:5-A blood sugar level beneath _____ is considered as hypoglycemic. While a blood sugar level over _____ is considered hyperglycemic.
Mark one answer:

80, 120
80, 100
100, 120
90, 110

Q:6-What is per minute breath-rate of an adult?
Mark one answer:


Q:7-In which of the following conditions will you suspect that a baby is dehydrated?
Mark one answer:

The fontanelle appears sunken and there is a recent history of diarrhoea
Mother reports that a baby has been wanting more milk than usual
The baby’s vital signs are – T:99.1 – P:120 – RR: 32 – O2 Sat: 97
The baby feels warm to touch and has edematous limbs

Q:8-A cardiac arrest that occurs within 2 hours within the onset of symptoms is called as:
Mark one answer:

Sudden death
Angina pestoris
Acute myocardial infarction

Q:9-In the patient’s language, write the main reason for calling an EMT.
Mark one answer:

Chief Complaint
Rapid Medical Assessment
Primary Concern
Primary Medical Focus

Q:10-Which of the following statements is correct about the arrangement of the anatomical structures from superiors to inferior?
Mark one answer:

Tarsals, patella, ilium, acetabulum, cranium, mandible, orbits, zygomatic arches
Zygomatic arches, manubrium, maxillae, coccyx, xiphoid process, tarsals, patella
Xiphoid process, sternum, pelvis, femur, ulna, tibia, calcaneus
Cranium, orbits, zygomatic arches, mandible, manubrium, ilium, acetabulum, patella, tarsals

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