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ACLS Test Answers 2017 PDF

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2017 ACLS Study Guide

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Q:1-What is the correct concentration for a maintenance drip of amiodarone?
Mark one answer:

900mg in 500cc.
125mg in 500cc.
400mg in 250cc.
1 mg in 250cc.

Q:2-EMS dispatchers who recognize ACS symptoms:
Mark one answer:

should tell the patient to drive themselves to a hospital.
should tell the patient to lay down.
should tell the patient to wait outside for the ambulance.
should instruct the patient to take aspirin.

Q:3-In relation to minimizing chest compressions, the ACLS provider should:
Mark one answer:

never delay compressions for more than 5 seconds.
never pause more than 30 seconds even if the AED is analyzing the rhythm.
never delay compressions for more than 10 seconds.
never pause more than 30 seconds unless the AED is analyzing the rhythm.

Q:4-You are pacing a patient at an adjusted rate of 75/minute and their hypotension has still not resolved. You would most likely suspect:
Mark one answer:

the rate of pacing needs to be turned up.
the rate of pacing needs to be turned down.
the patient will need about 10 minutes before showing clinical improvement.
there is an underlying cause causing the hypotension.

Q:5-The first step in the treatment of a patient presenting with asystole is to:
Mark one answer:

gain IV or IO access.
begin ventilating the patient.
begin chest compressions.
confirm it is asystole.

Q:6-Effective resuscitation requires an integrated response known as:
Mark one answer:

the BLS survey.
the ACLS survey.
a system of care.
the chain of survival.

Q:7-You are treating a hypokalemic patient in cardiac arrest. Which intervention may be helpful?
Mark one answer:

Inducing therapeutic hypothermia.
Administration of calcium chloride.
Administration of magnesium sulfate.

Q:8-According to AHA guidelines, when ventilating a patient with a BVM what is the approximate tidal volume that should be delivered?
Mark one answer:

800 ml.
1200 mL.
1000 mL.
600 mL.

Q:9-Hospital staff should aim to begin PCI within how long of arrival to the hospital?
Mark one answer:

2 hours.
30 minutes.
90 minutes.
1 hour.

Q:10-The most common cause of an upper airway obstruction in an unconscious patient is:
Mark one answer:

the aspiration of stomach contents.
the loss of tone in the throat muscles.
the presence of a foreign body or object.
inflammation of the oropharynx.

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