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Take this citb mock test to check how set you up are for the health safety and environment test revision cscs test pass mark 2018! This cscs test revision the structure of the genuine cscs labourer card in everything: you should answer 38 out of 46 questions correctly to pass cscs exam, and there are different multiple choice cscs test questions with 4 answers each. While the mock cscs test, since the basic purpose of citb revision book is to offer you some help with getting same help which you need in real exam attempt. Practice citb mock test 2018 : cscs revision test.

revision for cscs test. This test is now divided by 10 questions set. Complete cscs practice questions 2018 are 100% free.

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Q:1-Typical injuries on a construction site do not include:
Mark one answer:

Back pains
Sprains and strains

Q:2-Employees, while manual handling, must cooperate accordingly by:
Mark one answer:

Challenging their peers to lift something heavy
Following any specified instruction/training given
Delaying to report any issues
Refusing to help employees who are struggling with lifting

Q:3-Which one of the following is the correct method of lifting a load?
Mark one answer:

Keeping legs straight and bending the back
Keeping the load away from the body
Positioning the feet apart for balance
Not using the equipment provided

Q:4-The rules for working with hazardous substances do not include:
Mark one answer:

Familiarising yourself with any hazardous substances that you handle
Always using substances at the recommended concentration
Using the correct personal protective clothing equipment for each job
Experimenting which chemicals are the most hazardous

Q:5-Common uses of asbestos do not include?
Mark one answer:

Brick layering
Pipe lagging
Sprayed coatings
Insulating boards

Q:6-Which of the following is not an item of personal protective equipment?
Mark one answer:

Safety helmets
Ear defenders
Dust masks
Shades (sunglasses)

Q:7-There are four main types of health and safety signs and each colour means a different thing, which one is incorrect?
Mark one answer:

Blue (things you must do)
Red (things you must not do)
Yellow (warning of danger)
Orange (indicating a safe condition)

Q:8-Everyone who works on a construction site will not necessarily have?
Mark one answer:

Access to adequate toilet/washing facilities with hot and cold water supply, soap and towels
A company mobile phone to contact their families
Access to a safe working area
Time for a break in case they are tired

Q:9-All construction sites must have suitable first aid arrangements. The trained person will not be able to
Mark one answer:

Take control of a situation until medical assistance arrives
Deal with unconscious casualties including applying CPR
Take all your belongings in case of evacuation
Treat burns and broken bones

Q:10-Accidents on construction sites involve plant and equipment. The recommended way to prevent these accidents is ensuring that?
Mark one answer:

All injuries are recorded in the accident book
All workers wear protective clothing such as hard hats
All operators are well trained and competent
All first aid trained workers are available onsite

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