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Practice CSCS Test 42

cscs mock test for operatives 2018

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Q:1-Which one of the following is not a hazard?
Mark one answer:

Collapse of the tower
Vehicles colliding with the tower
Falling objects
Forgotten lunch box

Q:2-Which one of the following is not a safe way to use ladders?
Mark one answer:

Positioning the ladder at approximately 75°
Securing the ladder by tying it at the top and bottom
Not using domestic ladders
Allowing more than one person on the ladder at any one time

Q:3-Which legislation should all working environments adhere to?
Mark one answer:

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
Date Protection Act 1984
The Equality Act 2010
The Human Rights Act 1998

Q:4-A vehicle is parked blocking a fire exit, this could cause:
Mark one answer:

A delay in a building evacuation
A fine to the vehicle owner
A fatal incident
Damaged vehicle

Q:5-A toolbox is placed in the middle of a busy working environment. This will cause:
Mark one answer:

Stressed employees avoiding to use that space
Fatal incidents
A conflict between the employees
An incident of workers tripping over

Q:6-A heavy box was placed on a cupboard, the serious risk involved in this scenario is:
Mark one answer:

Damaging the cupboard
Forgetting to remove the box
The box falling and hitting someone
The box getting damaged by wear and tear

Q:7-Before digging a trench it is important to know:
Mark one answer:

If there are any overhead electricity lines in the working area
If there are any underground electricity lines in the working area
If there is a first aider available on site in case of an accident
If there are spare tools available for the job

Q:8-Which of the following is not a rule of safe use for tower scaffolds?
Mark one answer:

Positioning the tower on firm, level ground
Keeping a safe distance from overhead power lines or other structures
Wearing head protection if there is a risk of falling materials from above
Listening to music with earphones whilst climbing the tower

Q:9-Which of the following rule does not apply to MEWPs?
Mark one answer:

Do not stand on the guard rails of the MEWP
Do not restrict access around MEWP while it is being used
Do not exceed the safe working load
Do not operate a MEWP unless trained and competent to do so

Q:10-Manual handling is the biggest cause of ‘lost time’ accidents in the UK, typical injuries include:
Mark one answer:

Sprains and strains
Body rash
Hearing loss
Bruised or crushed fingers

cscs health and safety mock test