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Q:1-When must an accident be recorded in the site's accident book?
Mark one answer:

Only when an accident causes injury to a worker while at work
Only when a person is injured and will be off work for more than three days
Only when an accident causes damage to plant or equipment
Only when a person breaks a major bone or is concussed

Q:2-Which of these does NOT have to be recorded in the accident book?
Mark one answer:

Your national insurance number
The date and time of your accident
Details of your injury
Your home address

Q:3-When must you record an accident in the accident book?
Mark one answer:

If you are injured in any way
Only if you have to be off work
Only if you have suffered a broken bone
Only if you have to go to hospital

Q:4-What is the MAIN objective of carrying out an accident investigation?
Mark one answer:

To find out who is at fault
To find out the causes in order to prevent it happening again
To find out the cost of any damage that occurred
To record what injuries were sustained

Q:5-In an emergency an 'assembly point' is the:
Mark one answer:

site manager's office
place of the incident or accident
welfare facilities
specified place to gather after an evacuation

Q:6-You can help prevent accidents by:
Mark one answer:

reporting unsafe working conditions
becoming a first aider
knowing where the first-aid kit is kept
knowing how to get help quickly

Q:7-What is a tool box talk?
Mark one answer:

A short training session on a particular safety topic
A talk that tells you where to buy tools
Your first training session when you arrive on site
A sales talk given by a tool supplier

Q:8-How would you expect to find out about site health and safety rules when you first arrive on site?
Mark one answer:

During site induction
In a letter sent to your home
By reading your employer’s health and safety policy
By asking others on the site

Q:9-You find that you cannot do a job as the method statement says you should. What do you do?
Mark one answer:

Make up your own way of doing the job
Do not start work until you have talked with your supervisor
Ask your workmates how they think you should do the job
Contact the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Q:10-You are about to start a job. How will you know if it needs a permit to work?
Mark one answer:

Other workers will tell you
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will tell you
You will not be allowed to start until the permit to work has been issued
You don’t need to know, as permits to work only affect managers

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