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If you wish to start work in UK construction industry its really easy. Just need to pass cscs test before start work. citb mock test is a set of 50 questions asked in exam from different health and safety related categories. cscs card mock test also compulsory part of cscs test exam. You can start practicing but you couldn't start your practical work on site until you pass mock cscs test 2018. On our website you can find plenty of cscs card practice test. No registration free questions with revision all collected from official cscs kit. cscs card mock test 2018 by clicking download button at the bottom.

Our citb mock test 2018 is help for those who wish to practice their mock tests offline. This is very similar to real exam and works fine on all mobile and PC devices. We always recommend to practice your cscs test online as we add latest questions from real exams every day. CSCS stopped the old exam kits they published and introduced new set of questions which is not accessible for the public. However the old cscs test questions bank is still in use for cscs mock test for operatives. Same idea is behind the case study part of health safety test.

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Practice CSCS Test 33

cscs card mock test 2018 cscs card practice test mock cscs test 2018

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Q:1-You should only clean very dirty hands with:
Mark one answer:

soap and water
white spirit

Q:2-Your doctor has given you some medication. Which of these questions is the most important?
Mark one answer:

Will it make me drowsy or unsafe to work?
Will I work more slowly?
Will my supervisor find out?
Will I oversleep and be late for work?

Q:3-It is your first day on site. You find that there is nowhere to wash your hands. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Wait until you get home, then wash them
Go to a local caf? or pub and use the washbasin in their toilet
Speak to your supervisor about the problem
Bring your own bottle of water the next day

Q:4-Someone has got a nail in their foot. You are not a first aider. You must not pull out the nail because:
Mark one answer:

you will let air and bacteria get into the wound
the nail is helping to reduce the bleeding
it will prove that the casualty was not wearing safety boots
the nail is helping to keep their boot on

Q:5-Someone gets a large splinter in their hand. It is deep under the skin and it hurts. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Use something sharp to dig it out
Make sure they get first aid
Tell them to ignore it and let the splinter come out on its own
Try to squeeze out the splinter with your thumbs

Q:6-If you think someone has a broken leg you should:
Mark one answer:

lie them on their side in the recovery position
use your belt to strap their legs together
send for the first aider or get other help
lie them on their back

Q:7-If you cut your finger and it won’t stop bleeding, you should:
Mark one answer:

wrap something around it and carry on working
tell your workmates
wash it clean then carry on working
find a first aider or get other medical help

Q:8-What does this sign mean?
Emergency eyewash station sign
Mark one answer:

Safety glasses cleaning station
Emergency eyewash station
Warning, risk of splashing
Wear eye protection

Q:9-If there is an emergency while you are on site you should first:
Mark one answer:

leave the site and go home
phone home
follow the site emergency procedure
phone the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Q:10-Someone has fallen from height and has no feeling in their legs. You should:
Mark one answer:

roll them onto their back and keep their legs straight
roll them onto their side and bend their legs
ensure they stay still and don't move them until medical help arrives
raise their legs to see if any feeling comes back

citb mock test cscs card mock test cscs mock test 2018