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FreeCSCS Exam Practice Questions for health and safety test to work as Builder Test CSCS Mock Test. For CSCS Practice Test UK you must go through mock exam first. For that we provide free health & safety CSCS Operative Mock Test 2018 similar to real test.

cscs green card test 50 questions

In this mock test you will get CSCS Mock Exam Questions. These questions categorized as 38 general construction and 12 called as CSCS Example Test Questions. To pass Free Online CSCS Mock Test you must achieve at least 37 correct answers from those 50 MCQ's. Practice most difficult CSCS exam questions to get enough information for practice and prepare for your real Health, Safety and Environment Test. You will see answers of these available mock tests soon after click submit button at bottom of each mock test. If any these questions went wrong answer click on go back button to make it correct.

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Q:1-Someone near you is using noisy equipment and you have no hearing protection. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Ask them to stop what they are doing
Carry on with your work because it is always noisy on site
Leave the area until you have the correct personal protective equipment (PPE)
Speak to the other person’s supervisor

Q:2-After working with noisy equipment you have a ‘ringing’ sound in your ears. What does this mean?
Mark one answer:

Your hearing has been temporarily damaged
You have also been subjected to vibration
You are about to go down with the flu
The noise level was high but acceptable

Q:3-The high levels of solvents in some paints and resins can cause:
Mark one answer:

headaches, dizziness and sickness
lung problems
effects on other parts of your body
all of these answers

Q:4-Which of these activities does NOT create silica dust, which is harmful if breathed in?
Mark one answer:

Sawing timber and plywood
Cutting kerbs, stone, paving slabs, bricks and blocks
Breaking up concrete floors and screeds
Chasing out walls and mortar joints or sweeping up rubble

Q:5-Which of the following do you need to do to ensure that your mask works?
Mark one answer:

Check it’s the correct type needed
Pass a face fit test wearing the mask
Check you are wearing it correctly
All of these answers

Q:6-You need special respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to handle a chemical. None has been provided. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Get on with the job but try to work quickly
Do not start work until you have been given the correct RPE and training
Start the work but take a break now and again
Sniff the substance to see if it makes you feel ill

Q:7-Pigeon droppings and nests, which can be hazardous to your health, are found in an area where you are required to work. You should:
Mark one answer:

carry on with your work carefully
stop work and seek advice
try to catch the pigeons
let them fly away before carrying on with your work

Q:8-There are many kinds of dust and fumes at work. Breathing them in over time can cause you to develop:
Mark one answer:

occupational lung disease
occupational dermatitis
skin cancer
sore throat

Q:9-If you use a power tool to cut or grind materials, why must the dust be collected and not get into the air?
Mark one answer:

To save time and avoid having to clear up the mess
Most dust can be harmful if breathed in
The tool will go faster if the dust is collected
You do not need a machine guard if the dust is collected

Q:10-When using water to keep dust down when cutting you must ensure:
Mark one answer:

there is as much water as possible
the water flow is correctly adjusted
somebody stands next to you and pours water from a bottle
water is poured onto the surface to soak it, before you start cutting

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