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Q:1-Look at these statements about personal protective equipment (PPE). Which one is NOT true?
Mark one answer:

You must pay for any damage or loss
You must store it correctly when you are not using it
You must report any damage or loss to your supervisor
You must use it as instructed

Q:2-If your personal protective equipment (PPE) gets damaged you should:
Mark one answer:

throw it away and work without it
stop what you are doing until it is replaced
carry on wearing it but work more quickly
try to repair it

Q:3-Do you have to pay for any personal protective equipment (PPE) you need?
Mark one answer:

Yes, you must pay for all of it
Only if you need to replace lost or damaged PPE
Yes, but you only have to pay half the cost
No, your employer must pay for it

Q:4-You have been given disposable earplugs to use, but they keep falling out. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Throw them away and work without them
Stop work until you get more suitable ones and are shown how to fit them
Put two ear plugs in each ear so they stay in place
Put rolled-up tissue paper in each ear

Q:5-Look at these statements about wearing a safety helmet in hot weather. Which one is true?
Mark one answer:

You can drill holes in it to keep your head cool
You can wear it back-to-front if it is more comfortable that way
You must take it off during the hottest part of the day
You must wear it at all times and in the right way

Q:6-You must wear head protection on site at all times unless you are:
Mark one answer:

working alone
in a safe area, like the site office or canteen
working in very hot weather

Q:7-Look at these statements about anti-vibration gloves. Which one is true?
Mark one answer:

They might cut out some hand-arm vibration
They cut out most hand-arm vibration
They cut out all hand-arm vibration
They give the most protection if they are worn over other gloves

Q:8-You need to handle a hazardous substance. You should wear the correct gloves to help stop:
Mark one answer:

skin disease
vibration white finger
Raynaud's syndrome

Q:9-Safety footwear with a protective mid-sole will protect you against:
Mark one answer:

twisting your ankle
chemicals burning your feet
nails or sharp objects puncturing the underside of your foot if you stand on them
getting blisters

Q:10-What type of eye protection do you need to wear if you are using a cartridge-operated tool or compressed gas tool (nail gun)?
Mark one answer:

Light eye protection or safety glasses
Normal prescription glasses or sunglasses
Impact-rated goggles
None – they aren't needed as there is a minimal risk of injury

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