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CSCS Test Online Revision for 2018. This mock test is a great help for your construction mock test. Start practicing your cscs test now without registration. We provide best 50 toughest repeatedly asked questions from previous exams. If you want to start work as operative in construction industry CSCS Card Mock Test is must. CSCS Health and Safety Test for CSCS Mock Test and Answers 50 questions test.

Online practice here for your CSCS Card Test Questions 50 questions with these fire safety questions, these 50 questions are identical to the ones asked in your real CSCS Card Test Practice. Fire extinguishers and fire safety procedures on a construction site with detailed description diagrams CSCS Mock Test.

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Q:1-You need to use an air-powered tool. Which of these is NOT a hazard?
Mark one answer:

Electric shock
Hard-arm vibration
Airborne dust and flying fragments
Leaking hoses

Q:2-You are using electric equipment when it cuts out. You should:
Mark one answer:

shake it to see if it will start again
pull the electric cable to see if it is loose
switch the power off and on a few times
switch off the power and look for signs of damage

Q:3-It is dangerous to run an abrasive wheel faster than its recommended top speed. Why?
Mark one answer:

The wheel will get clogged and stop
The motor could burst into flames
The wheel could shatter and burst into many pieces
The safety guard cannot be used

Q:4-What is the main danger if you use a chisel or bolster with a 'mushroomed' head?
chisel or bolster with a mushroomed head
Mark one answer:

It will shatter and send fragments flying into the air
It will damage the face of the hammer
The shaft of the chisel will bend when you hit it
You will have to sharpen the chisel more often

Q:5-Do you need to inspect simple hand tools like trowels, screwdrivers, saws and hammers?
Mark one answer:

No, never
Yes, if they have not been used for a couple of weeks
Yes, they should be checked each time you use them
Only if someone else has borrowed them

Q:6-Before you adjust an electric hand tool you should:
Mark one answer:

switch it off but leave the plug in the socket
switch it off and remove the plug from the socket
do nothing in particular
put tape over the ON/OFF switch

Q:7-If the guard is missing from a power tool you should:
Mark one answer:

try to make another guard
use the tool but try to work quickly
not use the tool until a proper guard has been fitted
use the tool but work carefully and slowly

Q:8-To operate a powered hand tool, you must be:
Mark one answer:

over 16 years old
over 18 years old
trained and competent
21 years old or over

Q:9-What is the best way to protect an extension cable while you work, as well as minimising trip hazards?
Mark one answer:

Run the cable above head height
Run the cable by the shortest route
Cover the cable with yellow tape
Cover the cable with pieces of wood

Q:10-You need to work near an electrical cable. The cable has bare wires. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Quickly touch the cable to see if it is live
Check there are no sparks coming from the cable and then start work
Tell your supervisor and keep well away
Push the cable out of the way so that you can start work

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