CSCS Mock Test 2018 Free Online Questions Free presenting to all its users cscs working at heights test. These 50 questions are essential for your multiple-choice CITB Mock Test 2018. 50 Questions in this mock test will prepare you to get pass CSCS Test Mock Questions. This mock test with 50 questions designed specifically for CSCS Mock Test 2018.

Questions you find here are taken from last month CITB Mock Test 50 Questions. For more understanding we divided the tests in 10 set of questions in each and make questions to appear randomly. If you make any mistake results page will give you a chance to go back button and make answers correct. These mock tests are free for your practice. No Registration at all. CSCS Mock Test Fire Extinguishers & working on height, plumbers & electricians etc.

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Practice CSCS Test 24

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Q:1-A large fire has been reported. You have not been trained to use fire extinguishers. You should::
Mark one answer:

put away all your tools and then go to the assembly point
report to the site office and then go home
go straight to the assembly point
leave work for the day

Q:2-If you discover a fire, the first thing you should do is:
Mark one answer:

put your tools away
finish what you are doing, if it is safe to do so
try to put out the fires
raise the alarm

Q:3-How would you expect to be told about the site traffic rules?:
Mark one answer:

During site induction
By a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector
By a note on a notice board
In a letter sent to your home

Q:4-You see a driver refuelling an excavator. Most of the diesel is spilling onto the ground. What is the first thing you should do?
Mark one answer:

Tell your supervisor the next time you see them
Tell the driver immediately
Look for a spillage kit immediately
Do nothing, the diesel will eventually seep into the ground

Q:5-An excavator has just stopped work. Liquid is dripping and forming a small pool under the back of the machine. What could this mean?
Mark one answer:

It is normal for fluids to vent after the machine stops
The machine is hot so the diesel has expanded and overflowed
Someone put too much diesel into the machine before it started work
The machine has a leak and could be unsafe

Q:6-If you see a dumper being driven too fast you should:
Mark one answer:

keep out of its way and report the matter
try to catch the dumper and speak to the driver
report the matter to the police
do nothing, dumpers are allowed to go above the site speed limit

Q:7-A fork-lift truck is blocking the way to where you want to go on site. It is lifting materials onto a scaffold. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Only walk under the raised load if you are wearing a safety helmet
Catch the driver's attention and then walk under the raised load
Start to run so that you are not under the load for very long
Wait or go around, but never walk under a raised load

Q:8-You must not walk behind a lorry when it is reversing because:
Mark one answer:

most lorries are not fitted with mirrors
the driver is unlikely to know you are there
most lorry drivers aren't very good at reversing
you will need to run, not walk, to get past it in time

Q:9-How would you expect a well-organised site to keep pedestrians away from traffic routes?
Mark one answer:

The site manager will direct all pedestrians away from traffic routes
The traffic routes will be shown on the Health and Safety Law poster
There will be barriers between traffic and pedestrian routes
There is no need to keep traffic and pedestrians apart

Q:10-When is site transport allowed to drive along a pedestrian route?
Mark one answer:

During meal breaks
If it is the shortest route
Only if necessary and if all pedestrians are excluded
Only if the vehicle has a flashing yellow light

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