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Freecscs card practice questions for health & safety certificate test operative test construction. For cscs citb card test you should try our mock tests first. On here this website you can get acccess free to health & safety practice mock tests CSCS same as the real test.

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In this mock test you have50 multiple choice questions health safety. These questions are as 38 general construction realated and 12 called as behavioral case study questions for cscs. Passing cscs operatives test you must score at least 37 correct answers from 50 Questions CSCS. Practice full cscs 50 questions mock to get sufficient knowledge for your real cscs test. You will see answers of these available mock tests soon after click submit button at bottom of each mock test. If you incorrect any of these questions use go back button to make it correct.

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Q:1-What is the safest way to get into a deep excavation?
Mark one answer:

Climb down a secured ladder
Use the buried services as steps
Climb down the shoring
Go down in an excavator bucket

Q:2-A scaffold guard-rail must be removed to allow you to carry out a survey. You are not a scaffolder. Can you remove the guard-rail?
Mark one answer:

Yes, if you put it back as soon as you have finished
Yes, if you put it back before you leave site
No, only a scaffolder can remove the guard-rail but you can put it back
No, only a scaffolder can remove the guard-rail and put it back

Q:3-Who should erect, dismantle or alter a tube and fitting scaffold?
Mark one answer:

Anyone who thinks they can do it
Anyone who has the right tools
Anyone who is trained, competent and authorised
Anyone who is a project manager

Q:4-What is the best way to stop people falling through voids, holes or fragile roof panels?
Mark one answer:

Tell everyone where the dangerous areas are
Secure in place covers that can take the weight of a person and add warning signage
Cover them with netting
Mark the areas with red and white tape

Q:5-It is safe to cross a fragile roof if you::
Mark one answer:

walk along the line of bolts
can see fragile roof signs
don't walk on any plastic panels
use crawling boards with handrails

Q:6-When working in a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) where should you attach your harnesses lanyard?
Mark one answer:

To the control box
To a point on the structure or building you are working on
To the MEWP handrail
To the designated anchor point within the platform or basket

Q:7-You need to reach the working platform of a mobile tower scaffold. What is the right way to do this?
Mark one answer:

Climb up the tower frame on the outside of the tower
Lean a ladder against the tower and climb up that
Climb up the ladder built into the tower
Climb up the outside of the diagonal bracing

Q:8-You need to use a ladder to get to a scaffold platform. Which of these statements is true?
Mark one answer:

It must be tied and extend five rungs above the platform
All broken rungs must be clearly marked
It must be wedged at the bottom to stop it slipping
Two people must be on the ladder at all times

Q:9-When could you use a ladder as a place of work?
Mark one answer:

If it is long enough
If you can find a ladder to use
If other people do not need to use it for access
If you are doing light work for a short time

Q:10-Who should check a ladder before it is used?
Mark one answer:

The person who is going to use it
A supervisor
The site safety officer
The manufacturer

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