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CSCS test health safety is full collection of questions answers from cscs official study book 2018. For all jobs in construction industry in UK you have to passing tips cscs card test. CSCS test questions answers includes questions heath and safety related at workplace operative. This test is to make sure to have engough knowledge of safety requirement on construction site.

we make it more simple way that cscs 48 questions are separated by 10 questions set. Complete full cscs tests questions are 100% free.

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Q:1-Which of the following should you do in the interest of sustainability on site?
Mark one answer:

Run plant and equipment when they are not needed
Bury waste materials in the groun
Comply with site instructions on handling waste materials
Pour waste liquids down a drain outside the site

Q:2-Which of the following is NOT related to sustainability?
Mark one answer:

Saving materials, fuel, water and energy
Looking after the people working on or near the site
Protecting the environment
Sending unused and waste materials to landfill

Q:3-Under Environmental Law, which statement is true?
Mark one answer:

Companies AND individuals can be prosecuted if they do not follow the law
It is illegal to disturb protected species or their habitats
It is illegal to transport waste without a licence
All of these answers

Q:4-When a product has either of these labels, how should you dispose of it?
harmful environment substance
Mark one answer:

Put it in any skip or bin
Check the product label for disposal instructions and follow them
If it is a liquid and less than one litre you can pour it down a drain
Leave it somewhere for other people to deal with

Q:5-These signs tell you that a substance can be:
harmful environment substance
Mark one answer:

harmful to the environment

Q:6-Which of the following should be disposed of as hazardous waste?
Mark one answer:

Timber, plywood and MDF off-cuts
Glass fibre insulation
Aerosol sealant canister and oil-based paint
Used gloves and dust masks

Q:7-How should you get rid of hazardous waste?
Mark one answer:

Put it in any skip on site
In accordance with the correct site rules
Bury it on site
Take it to the nearest local authority waste tip

Q:8-You discover a bird on a nest where you need to work. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Cover it with a bucket
Move it, do your work and then put it back
Leave it alone and inform your supervisor
Scare it away

Q:9-If you need to dig near underground services, you should only be using:
Mark one answer:

a jack hammer
an insulated spade or shovel
a pick and fork
an excavator

Q:10-When digging you find a run of yellow plastic marker tape. What does it mean?
Mark one answer:

There are buried human remains and you must tell your supervisor
There is a buried service and further excavation must be carried out with care
The soil is contaminated and you must wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE)
The excavation now needs side supports

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