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Getting ready for your first cscs card in UK? That's right place you just reached. We make this website special for CSCS Card Test Practice. You will see 50 multiple choice questions which we shuffle every time to enable you to get 100% pass result from your mock tests. These Practice CSCS test questions for health & Safety on construction sites in UK are available online free for practice 24/7. These questions are collected from 2018 real CSCS exams. More from 2018 being added every day from Official CITB CSCS Test manual.

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Practice CSCS Test 15

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Q:1-Look at these statements about illegal drugs in the workplace. Which one is true in relation to site work?
Mark one answer:

Users of illegal drugs are a danger to everyone on site
People who take illegal drugs work better and faster
People who take illegal drugs take fewer days off work
Taking illegal drugs is a personal choice so other people shouldn't worry about it

Q:2-If someone burns their hand the best thing you can do is:
Mark one answer:

put the hand into cold water or under a cold running tap
tell them to carry on working to exercise the hand
rub barrier cream or Vaseline into the burn
wrap your handkerchief around the burn

Q:3-Someone collapses with stomach pain and there is no first aider on site. What should you do first?
Mark one answer:

Get them to sit down
Get someone to call the emergency services
Get them to lie down in the recovery position
Give them some painkillers

Q:4-If someone gets some grit in their eye, the best thing you can do is:
Mark one answer:

hold the eye open and wipe it with clean tissue paper
ask them to rub the eye until it starts to water
tell them to blink a couple of times
hold the eye open and flush it with sterilised water or eyewash

Q:5-What is the one thing a first aider CANNOT do for you?
Mark one answer:

Give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
Stop any bleeding
Give you medicines without authorization
Treat you if you are unconscious

Q:6-What does this sign mean?
First Aid Sign
Mark one answer:

First aid
Safe to cross
No waiting
Medicine box

Q:7-If someone is in contact with a live cable the best thing you can do is:
Mark one answer:

phone the electricity company
dial 999 and ask for an ambulance
switch off the power and call for help
pull them away from the cable

Q:8-Someone working in a deep manhole has collapsed. What is the first thing you should do?
Mark one answer:

Get someone to lower you into the manhole on a rope
Climb into the manhole and give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
Go and tell your supervisor
Shout and raise the alarm as a trained rescue team will be needed

Q:9-If someone falls and is knocked unconscious, you should first:
Mark one answer:

turn them over so they are lying on their back
send for medical help
slap their face to wake them up
give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

Q:10-If you want to be a first aider, you should:
Mark one answer:

watch a first aider treating people then try it yourself
ask if you can do a first-aider's course
buy a book on first aid and start treating people
speak to your doctor about it

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