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Questions you find here are taken from last month previous/old cscs test questions. For more understanding we divided the tests in 10 set of questions in each and make questions to appear randomly. If you make any mistake results page will give you a chance to go back button and make answers correct. These mock tests are free for your practice. No Registration at all. Share this test with your friends on Facebook.

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Practice CSCS Test 14

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Q:1-You are using water as part of dust control and run out. Should you:
Mark one answer:

carry on as you have nearly finished
stop and refill with water
ask everyone to clear the area and then carry on
carry on but get someone to sweep up afterwards

Q:2-When drilling, cutting, sanding or grinding you can breathe in high levels of harmful dust. These levels are likely to be highest when working:
Mark one answer:

outside on a still day
outside on a windy day
in a small room
in a large indoor space

Q:3-The toilets on your site are always dirty or do not flush. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Try not to use the toilets while you are at work
Tell the person in charge of the site about the problem
Try to fix the fault yourself
See if you can use the toilets in a nearby cafe or pub

Q:4-What sort of rest area should your employer provide on site?
Mark one answer:

A covered area
A covered area and some chairs
A covered area, tables and chairs, and something to heat water and food
Nothing, employers don't have to provide rest areas

Q:5-You are more likely to catch Weil’s disease (leptospirosis) if you:
Mark one answer:

work near wet ground, waterways or sewers
work near air-conditioning units
fix showers or baths
drink water from a standpipe

Q:6-Which of the following species of animal is the most likely carrier of Weil's disease (leptospirosis) on construction sites?
Mark one answer:


Q:7-Exposure to engine oil and other mineral oils can cause:
Mark one answer:

skin problems
heart disease
breathing problems
vibration white finger

Q:8-You should not just rely on barrier cream to protect your skin from harmful substances because:
Mark one answer:

it costs too much to use every day
many harmful substances go straight through it
it is difficult to wash off
it can irritate your skin

Q:9-You should not use white spirit or other solvents to clean your hands because they:
Mark one answer:

strip the protective oils from the skin
remove the top layer of skin
block the pores of the skin
carry harmful bacteria that attack the skin

Q:10-Someone goes to the pub at lunchtime and has a couple of pints of beer. What should they do next?
Mark one answer:

Drink plenty of strong coffee then go back to work
Stay away from the site for the rest of the day
Stay away for an hour and then go back to work
Eat something, wait 30 minutes and then go back to work

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