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If you wish to start work in UK construction industry its really easy. Just need to pass cscs test before start work. CSCS test is a set of 50 questions asked in exam from different health and safety related categories. Case study questions also compulsory part of cscs test exam. You can start practicing but you couldn't start your practical work on site until you pass cscs health & safety test. On our website you can find plenty of cscs test questions. No registration free questions with revision all collected from official cscs kit. Download cscs test questions by clicking download button at the bottom.

Our free cscs test software is help for those who wish to practice their mock tests offline. This is very similar to real exam and works fine on all mobile and PC devices. We always recommend to practice your cscs test online as we add latest questions from real exams every day. CSCS stopped the old exam kits they published and introduced new set of questions which is not accessible for the public. However the old cscs test questions bank is still in use for cscs test practice and revision. Same idea is behind the case study part of health safety test.

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Practice CSCS Test 13

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Q:1-You think the noise at work may have damaged your hearing. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Plug your ears with cotton wool to stop any more damage
Nothing, the damage has already been done
Go off sick
Ask your employer or doctor to arrange a hearing test

Q:2-Noise over a long time can damage your hearing. Can this damage be reversed?
Mark one answer:

Yes, with time
Yes, if you have an operation
No, the damage is permanent
Yes, if you change jobs

Q:3-Noise can damage your hearing. What is an early sign of this?
Mark one answer:

There are no early signs
Temporary deafness or ringing noise in your ears
A skin rash around the ears
Ear infections

Q:4-When drilling, cutting, sanding or grinding what is the best way to protect your long term health from harmful dust?
Mark one answer:

Use dust extraction or wet cut and wear light eye protection
Wear a FFP3 rated dust mask and impact goggles
Wear any disposable dust mask, hearing protection and impact goggles
Use dust extraction or wet cut, wear a FFP3 rated dust mask, hearing protection and impact goggles

Q:5-Generally speaking how long can you use the same disposable mask for?
Mark one answer:

Five working days
Seven working days
One day or one shift
28 days

Q:6-You have been given a dust mask to protect you against hazardous fumes. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Do not start work until you have the correct respiratory protective equipment (RPE)
Do the job but work quickly
Start work but take a break now and again
Wear a second dust mask on top of the first one

Q:7-More construction workers die or suffer long term health issues from:
Mark one answer:

falling from height
being struck by a vehicle
slipping and tripping
breathing in hazardous substances

Q:8-Exposure to which of the following may NOT result in lung disease?
Mark one answer:

Bird droppings
Strong smells
Silica dust

Q:9-Occupational asthma can stop you working again with certain substances. It is caused by:
Mark one answer:

exposure to loud noise
exposure to rat urine
skin contact with any hazardous substance
breathing in hazardous dust, fumes or vapours

Q:10-You have been asked to do some work that will create dust. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

You should not do the work. Dust is highly dangerous
Use equipment that will eliminate or reduce the amount of dust whilst wearing correct personal protective equipment (PPE)
Start work – no controls are needed as it's only dust
Work for short periods at a time

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