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Practice CSCS Test 12

health and safety test online free health & safety test questions

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Q:1-How can asbestos be correctly identified?
Mark one answer:

The dust gives off a strong smell
By getting a sample analysed in a lab
By the colour of the dust
By putting a piece in water and seeing if it dissolves

Q:2-After asbestos, which of the following causes the most ill-health to construction workers?
Mark one answer:

Wood and MDF dust
Diesel fumes
Silica dust
Resin, solvent and paint vapours

Q:3-What equipment should you have if you are doing non-licensed work on asbestos-containing materials?
Mark one answer:

Disposable overalls ('type 5')
Suitable respiratory protective equipment (RPE) (e.g. disposable face mask with a FFP3 rating)
Laceless footwear
All of these answers

Q:4-If you have to use a vibrating tool, what would you expect your supervisor to do?
Mark one answer:

Measure the level of vibration while you use the tool
Explain the risk assessment and the safest way and length of time each day that you can use the tool
Watch you use the tool to assess the level of vibration
Help you to make up your own safe system of work

Q:5-You are likely to suffer LESS from hand-arm vibration if you are:
Mark one answer:

very cold but dry
cold and wet
warm and dry
very wet but warm

Q:6-What is vibration white finger or hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)?
Mark one answer:

A mild skin rash that will go away
A serious skin condition that will not clear up
Severe frostbite
Signs that your hands and arms have or are on the way to being permanently damaged

Q:7-Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) can cause:
Mark one answer:

skin cancer
skin irritation, like dermatitis
blisters on your hands and arms
damaged blood vessels and nerves in your fingers and hands

Q:8-Why is vibration a serious health issue?
Mark one answer:

There are no early warning signs
The long-term effects of vibration are not known
There is no way that exposure to vibration can be prevented
Vibration can cause a disabling injury that cannot be cured

Q:9-You need to wear ear defenders but an ear pad is missing from one of the shells. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Leave them off and work without any hearing protection
Put them on and start working with them as they are
Do not work in noisy areas until they are replaced
Wrap your handkerchief around the shell and carry on working

Q:10-If you wear hearing protection, it will:
Mark one answer:

stop you hearing all noise
reduce damaging noise to an acceptable level
repair your hearing if it is damaged
make you hear better

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