CSCS Card Labourer Test Questions 2018 Free

CSCS mock test is full collection of questions and answers from cscs official study guide 2018. To get a job in construction industry you have to pass cscs card test. CSCS test for operatives includes questions related heath and safety at workplace. This test is for to insure you got knowledge of safety requirement on construction site.

To make easier cscs 48 questions are separated by 10 questions set. Complete cscs questions tests are 100% free.

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Practice CSCS Test 09

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Q:1-When do you need to check tools and equipment for damage?
Mark one answer:

Each time before use
Every day
Once a week
At least once a year

Q:2-It is safe to work close to an overhead power line if:
Mark one answer:

you do not touch the line for more than 30 seconds
you use a wooden ladder
the power is switched off
it is not raining

Q:3-Look at these statements about power tools. Which one is true?
Mark one answer:

Always carry the tool by its cord
Always unplug the tool by pulling its cord
Always unplug the tool when you are not using it
Always leave the tool plugged in when you check or adjust it

Q:4-Someone near you is using a rotating laser level. What, if any, is the health hazard likely to affect you?
Mark one answer:

Skin cancer
None – if used correctly they are safe
Gradual blindness
Burning of the skin, similar to sunburn

Q:5-If the head on your hammer comes loose you should:
Mark one answer:

stop work and get the hammer repaired or replaced
find another heavy tool to use instead of the hammer
keep using it but be aware that the head could come off at any time
tell the other people near you to keep out of the way

Q:6-If you need to use a hand tool or power tool on site it must be:
Mark one answer:

made in the UK
the right tool for the job and inspected at the start of each week
bought from a builders merchant
the right tool for the job and inspected before you use it

Q:7-If you need to use a power tool with a rotating blade, you should:
Mark one answer:

remove the guard so that you can clearly see the blade
adjust the guard to expose just enough blade to let you do the job
remove the guard but wear leather gloves to protect your hands
adjust the guard to expose the maximum amount of blade

Q:8-You must be fully trained before you use a cartridge-operated tool. Why?
Mark one answer:

They are heavy and could cause manual handling injuries
They operate like a gun and can be dangerous in inexperienced hands
Using one can cause dermatitis
They have exposed electrical parts

Q:9-If an extension cable has a cut in its outer cover, you should:
Mark one answer:

check the copper wires aren't showing in the cut and then use the cable
put electrical tape around the damaged part
report the fault and make sure no-one else uses the cable
put a bigger fuse in the cable plug

Q:10-You are about to start a job. How will you know if you need any extra personal protective equipment (PPE)?
Mark one answer:

By looking at your employer's health and safety policy
You will just be expected to know
From the risk assessment or method statement
A letter will be sent to your home

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