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Here try full CSCS test questions for 2018 also called operative test for construction site with 50 multiple choice questions. Your results will show soon after clicking submit button in our online free mock tests.

Pass CSCS Test Online Through health safety and environmental test you will familiarize yourself with real exam. Our Online practice for cscs mock test Electrical safety and hand held tools and equipment and fire, safety signs and signals with these fire safety questions. All questions are same as to those appeared in your real cscs test exam. Practicing of your CSCS test mock 2018 online until you are confident to go for real test.

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Q:1-What does this sign mean?
Hi-vis clothing must be worn sign
Mark one answer:

Wear white clothes at night
Hi-vis clothing must be worn
Do nothing, it only applies to managers
Cover up bare arms

Q:2-What does this sign mean?
Safety boots or safety shoes must be worn sign
Mark one answer:

Safety boots or safety shoes must be worn
Wellington boots must be worn
Be aware of slip and trip hazards
No dirty footwear past this point

Q:3-What does this sign mean?
safety eye protection sign
Mark one answer:

Safety glasses cleaning station
Warning, bright lights or lasers
Caution, poor lighting
You must wear safety eye protection

Q:4-What does this sign mean?
Fire hose reel located here sign
Mark one answer:

Press here to sound the fire alarm
Fire hose reel located here
Turn key to open fire door
Do not use if there is a fire

Q:5-What does this sign mean?
Fire extinguishers sign
Mark one answer:

Assemble here in the event of a fire
Fire extinguishers and fire-fighting equipment kept here
Parking reserved for emergency service vehicles
Do not store flammable materials here

Q:6-A crane has to do a difficult lift. The signaller asks you to help, but you are not trained in plant signals. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Politely refuse and explain you don't know how to signal
Start giving signals to the crane driver
Only help if the signaller really can't manage alone
Ask the signaller to show you what signals to use

Q:7-Why should you try to use battery-powered tools rather than electrical ones?
Mark one answer:

They are cheaper to run
They will not give you an electric shock
They will not give you hand-arm vibration
They do not need to be tested or serviced

Q:8-On building sites, the recommended safe voltage for electrical equipment is:
Mark one answer:

12 volts
24 volts
110 volts
230 volts

Q:9-You need to use a 230 volt item of equipment. How should you protect yourself from an electric shock?
Mark one answer:

Use a generator
Put up safety screens around you
Use a portable RCD (residual current device)
Wear rubber boots and gloves

Q:10-You should use a RCD (residual current device) with 230 volt tools because it:
Mark one answer:

lowers the voltage
quickly cuts off the power if there is a fault
makes the tool run at a safe speed
saves energy and lowers costs

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