CSCS Health & Safety Test Questions 2018 Free

CSCS Test Questions for 2018. This mock test is a great help for your CITB health & safety exam. Start practicing you cscs test now without registration. We provide best toughest repeatedly asked questions from previous exams. If you want to start work in construction industry cscs card is must. Practice cscs test online for citb health and safety environmental test.

Online practice here for your cscs test questions with these fire safety questions, these questions are identical to the ones asked in your real cscs test exam. Fire extinguishers and fire safety procedures on a construction site with detailed description diagrams.

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Q:1-You are walking across the site. A large mobile crane reverses across your path. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Help the driver to reverse
Start to run so that you can pass behind the reversing crane
Pass close to the front of the crane
Wait or find another way around the crane

Q:2-When you walk across the site, what is the best way to avoid an accident with mobile plant?
Mark one answer:

Keep to the designated pedestrian routes
Ride on the plant
Get the attention of the driver before you get too close
Wear hi-vis clothing

Q:3-A mobile plant operator can let people ride in or on the machine:
Mark one answer:

if they have a long way to walk
as long as the site speed limit is not exceeded
only if it is designed to carry passengers and has a designated seat
if the cab door is shut

Q:4-A lorry is in trouble as it tries to reverse into a tight space. You have not been trained as a signaller. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Stay well out of the way
Help the driver by giving hand signals
Help the driver by jumping up into the cab
Offer to adjust the mirrors on the lorry

Q:5-Yellow and black signs are:
hazards or danger sign
Mark one answer:

mandatory signs – meaning you MUST do something
prohibition signs – meaning you MUST NOT do something
warning signs – alerting you to hazards or danger
safe condition signs – giving you information

Q:6-What does this sign mean?
substance or contents are flammable warning sign
Mark one answer:

Dispose of substance or contents by burning
Warning – substance or contents are flammable (can catch fire easily)
Warning – substance or contents could explode
Warning – substance or contents are harmful

Q:7-What does this sign mean?
Emergency first-aid shower sign
Mark one answer:

Toilets and shower facilities
Drying area for wet weather clothes
Emergency first-aid shower
Fire sprinklers above

Q:8-What does this sign mean?
assemble in case of an emergency sign
Mark one answer:

It tells you where the canteen is located
It tells you which direction to walk
It tells you where to assemble in case of an emergency
It tells you where the site induction room is located

Q:9-What does this sign mean?
no access the scaffold sign
Mark one answer:

Do not jump across any gaps in the scaffold
Do not work on the first lift of the scaffold
Do not access the scaffold because it is incomplete or not safe
Do not walk under the scaffold

Q:10-What does this sign mean?
No pedestrians or entry for people on foot sign
Mark one answer:

No lone working
No entry without a hard hat
No pedestrians or entry for people on foot
No entry during the day

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