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Practice CSCS Test 04

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Q:1-When you climb a ladder you must:
Mark one answer:

have three points of contact with the ladder at all times
have two points of contact with the ladder at all times
use a safety harness
have two people on the ladder at all times

Q:2-What is the best way to make sure that a ladder is secure and won't slip?
Mark one answer:

Tie it at the top
Ask someone to stand with their foot on the bottom rung
Tie it at the bottom
Wedge the bottom of the ladder with blocks of wood

Q:3-When using a ladder what should the slope or angle of the ladder be?
ladder angle slop sign
Mark one answer:


Q:4-How many people should be on a ladder at the same time?
Mark one answer:

One on each section of an extension ladder
Three, if it is long enough

Q:5-Which of the following is NOT true when using podium steps?
Mark one answer:

The 'wheels' must be locked before you get on to them
Podiums can easily topple if you over reach sideways
Podiums are safe and can't topple over
Podiums are work equipment and must be inspected every seven days

Q:6-If you store materials on a working platform, which statement is correct?
Mark one answer:

Materials can be stored unsecured above the guard-rail height
Materials must be stored so they can't fall and the platform must be able to take their weight
Materials can be stored anywhere, even if they pose a trip hazard or block the walkway
Materials do not need to be secured if they are going to be there for less than an hour

Q:7-You need to reach above your head and lower a load to the floor. Which of these is NOT true?
Mark one answer:

It will be more difficult to keep your back straight and chin tucked in
You will put extra stress on your arms and your back
You can safely handle more weight than usual
The load will be more difficult to control

Q:8-You need to move a load that is heavier on one side than the other. How should you pick it up?
Mark one answer:

With the heavy side towards you
With the heavy side away from you
With the heavy side on your strong arm
With the heavy side on your weak arm

Q:9-If you have to twist or turn your body when you lift and place a load, it means:
Mark one answer:

the weight you can lift safely is LESS than usual
the weight you can lift safely is MORE than usual
nothing, you can lift the SAME weight as usual
you MUST wear a back brace

Q:10-Before you lift a heavy load you should always try to:
Mark one answer:

stand with your feet together when lifting
bend your back when lifting
carry the load away from your body, at arm's length
divide large loads into smaller loads or use lifting equipment

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