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Practice CSCS Test 03

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Q:1-You are working in a confined space when you notice the smell of bad eggs. This smell is a sign of:
Mark one answer:

hydrogen sulphide
carbon dioxide

Q:2-Before work starts in a confined space, how should the air be checked?
Mark one answer:

Someone should go in and sniff the air
The air should be tested with a meter
Someone should look around to see if there is toxic gas
The air should be tested with a match to see if it stays alight

Q:3-You are in a deep trench. A lorry backs up to the trench and the engine is left running. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Put on ear defenders to cut out the engine noise
Ignore the problem, the lorry will soon drive away
See if there is a toxic gas meter in the trench
Get out of the trench quickly

Q:4-Tools and materials can easily fall from a scaffold platform. What is the best way to protect the people below?
Mark one answer:

Make sure they are wearing safety helmets
Tell them you will be working above them
Use brick guards to stop any items falling below
Tell the people below to stop work and clear the area

Q:5-You need to stack materials on a working platform. What is the best way to stop them falling over the toe-board?
Mark one answer:

Fit brick guards or netting to the edge
Put a warning sign on the stack
Build the stack so that it leans away from the edge
Cover the stack with polythene

Q:6-What does this sign mean?
Fragile roof sign
Mark one answer:

Load-bearing roof. OK to stand on surface but not any rooflights
Fragile roof. Take care when walking on roof surface
Fragile roof. Do not stand directly on roof but use fall protection measures
Load-bearing roof. Surface can be slippery when wet

Q:7-You are working on a flat roof. What is the best way to stop yourself falling over the edge?
Mark one answer:

Put a large warning sign at the edge of the roof
Ask someone to watch you and shout when you get too close to the edge
Protect the edge with a guard-rail and toe-board
Use red and white tape to mark the edge

Q:8-If you have to work at height in a cherry picker over or near to deep water, which following item of personal protective equipment (PPE) must you be wearing?
Mark one answer:

Wellington boots
Life jacket
Full face respirator
Full body harness

Q:9-A mobile tower scaffold must NOT be used on:
Mark one answer:

soft or uneven ground
a paved patio
an asphalt road
a smooth concrete path

Q:10-You need to use a mobile tower scaffold. The wheel brakes do not work. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Use some wood to wedge the wheels and stop them moving
Do not use the tower
Only use the tower if the floor is level
Get someone to hold the tower while you use it

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