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Q:1-You are on site and you need to throw away some waste liquid that has oil in it. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Pour it down a drain outside the site
Pour it onto the ground and let it soak away
Use it to start a fire
Find out how you should get rid of it

Q:2-Under Environmental Law which statement is true about protected species?
Mark one answer:

It is not illegal to disturb or destroy habitats of protected species if you didn't know they were there
It is only illegal to disturb or destroy habitats of protected species if you do it deliberately
You can disturb or destroy habitats of protected species if they get in the way of building work
It is illegal to disturb or destroy habitats of protected species

Q:3-Which of these is the most accurate way to locate buried services?
Mark one answer:

Cable plans
Trial holes
Survey drawings
Architect drawings

Q:4-When digging, you hit and damage a buried cable. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Move the cable out of the way and carry on digging
Wait 10 seconds and then move the cable out of the way
Do not touch the cable, stop work and report it
Dig round the cable or dig somewhere else

Q:5-When digging, you notice the soil gives off a strange smell. What is this likely to mean?
Mark one answer:

The soil contains a lot of clay
The soil has been excavated before
The ground has been used to grow crops in the past
The ground could be contaminated

Q:6-You have to work in a confined space. There is no rescue team or rescue plan. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Assume that a rescue team or plan is not necessary and do the job
Get someone to stand at the opening with a rope
Do not enter until a rescue plan and team are in place
Carry out the job in short spells

Q:7-Work in a confined space usually needs three safety documents – a risk assessment, a method statement and:
Mark one answer:

a permit to work/enter
an up-to-date staff handbook
a written contract for the work
a company health and safety policy

Q:8-Guard-rails are placed around the top of an excavation to prevent:
Mark one answer:

toxic gases from collecting in the bottom of the trench
anyone falling into the trench and being injured
the sides of the trench from collapsing
rain water running off the ground at the top and into the trench

Q:9-An excavation must be supported if:
Mark one answer:

it is more than 5 m deep
it is more than 1.2 m deep
there is a risk of the sides falling in
any buried services cross the excavation

Q:10-What is the main reason for having a person positioned immediately outside a confined space whilst work is taking place inside it?
Mark one answer:

To supervise the work taking place inside the confined space
To check compliance with the method statement
To get the rescue plan underway in an emergency
To carry out a risk assessment for the work

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