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Freecscs 50 questions to pass health and safety course for construction site operative. For cscs card test you must go through real exam. For that we provide free practice mock tests for CSCS real test. We discuss in these mock test questions from different topics like height working, responsibilities while working on construction site etc.

cscs card mock test 50 questions

In this test you have to answer 50 multiple choice cscs questions. Which are separated into 38 general construction related and 12 as called behavioral case study questions. To get pass cscs card test you must score at least 37 answers correct from 50 questions. So Enjoy these cscs full 50 questions mock tests to get enough knowledge for cscs real exam attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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Take this CSCS Mock Test Free to get pass in first attempt in real exam. As we provide similar questions.

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Lets begin the quiz .. Good luck!

Q:1-Why should different types of waste be separated on site?
Mark one answer:

They will take up less room in the skip
So the local council can charge us a fair amount of Landfill Tax
So the client can check what is being thrown away
So it can be recycled more easily

Q:2-Do you have any responsibility for minimising the amount of waste created?
Mark one answer:

Only if asbestos removal is being carried out
Yes, everyone on site has a responsibility to do this
No, it is the responsibility of the Environment Agency
Only during the site clean up at the end of the project

Q:3-You have been asked to clean up oil that has leaked from machinery onto the ground. What is the right way to do this?
Mark one answer:

Put the oily soil into the general waste skip
Put the oily soil into a separate container for collection as hazardous waste
Mix the soil up with other soil so that the oil cannot be seen
Wash the oil away with water and detergent

Q:4-Which of the following is NOT part of sustainable construction?
Mark one answer:

Creating a nuisance to the residents of neighbouring properties
Preventing water and soil pollution
Saving energy
Minimising the amount of waste created in doing a job

Q:5-Which of the following does NOT help sustainability on site?
Mark one answer:

Leaving engines, motors and other power on when not needed
Segregating waste
Lift sharing or using public transport to get to work
Working safely

Q:6-Do you have any responsibility with regard to sustainability on site?
Mark one answer:

No, it is a matter for the site manager
No, it is a matter for the Environment Agency
Only on sites where there are rare species of plants
Yes, on every site that you go on to

Q:7-Who on site needs to understand relevant environmental risks on a construction site?
Mark one answer:

Only the principal contractor
Only the subcontractors
All people working on site
Just the environmental clerk of works

Q:8-What does this sign mean?
emergency spill kit sign
Mark one answer:

The spill kit has been inspected and is OK
Assemble here if there is a spillage
The equipment you need to stop, contain and clean up a spill is located here
A spill happened here and has been cleaned up

Q:9-There has been a spillage of hydraulic oil from plant working near a watercourse. What one action should you NOT do?
Mark one answer:

Notify the site manager
Use detergents to clean up the oil
Contain the spillage
Switch the plant off

Q:10-Which of the following should be classed as hazardous waste?
Mark one answer:

Polythene and shrink wrap
Empty cement bags
Fluorescent light tubes

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