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Q:1-Which of the following methods should be used to collect a specimen for urine culture?
Mark one answer:

Have the client void in a clean container.
Clean the foreskin of the penis of uncircumcised men before specimen collection.
Have the client void into a urinal, and then pour the urine into the specimen container.
Have the client begin the stream of urine in the toilet and catch the urine in a sterile container midstream.

Q:2-The nursing assistant is correctly providing penile hygiene to an unconscious clients if she
Mark one answer:

uses warm water without soap.
dries all areas of the penis thoroughly.
washes from the base of the shaft to the tip.
avoids retracting the foreskin if not circumcised.

Q:3-A nursing assistant must obtain the blood pressure of a client in airborne isolation. Which of the following methods is best to prevent transmission of infection to other clients by the equipment?
Mark one answer:

Dispose of the equipment after each use.
Wear gloves while handling the equipment.
Use only the equipment with other clients in airborne isolation.
Leave the equipment in the room for use only with that client.

Q:4-To prevent circulatory impairment in an arm when applying an elastic bandage, which of the following methods is best?
Mark one answer:

Wrap the bandage around the arm loosely.
Apply the bandage while stretching it slightly.
Apply heavy pressure with each turn of the bandage.
Start applying the bandage at the upper arm and work toward the lower arm.

Q:5-The following information is recorded on an intake and output record: milk 180 ml; orange juice, 60 ml; 1 serving scrambled eggs; 1 slice toast; 1 can Ensure oral nutritional supplement, 240 ml; 50 ml water after twice daily medications. Medications as given by the nurse at 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM. What is the client’s total intake for the 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM shift?
Mark one answer:

530 ml
550 ml
580 ml
590 ml

Q:6-While putting an elderly client with an indwelling urinary catheter in bed, a nursing assistant notices the tubing hanging below the bed. She places the tubing in a loop on the bed with the client and makes sure the client won’t lie on the tubing. Which of the following rationales explains the nursing assistant’s action?
Mark one answer:

To inhibit drainage.
To allow drainage to occur.
To allow the urine to collect in the tubing.
To have the client check the tubing for urine.

Q:7-A client is placed on suicide precautions. During the care planning conference, the care plan for this client was discussed by the nursing staff. Which of the following tasks would you anticipate the licensed nurse will delegate to you in ensuring the client's safety?
Mark one answer:

Don't allow him to leave his room.
Remove all sharp and cutting objects.
Give him the opportunity to ventilate his feelings.
Stay with him at all times.

Q:8-A client who has AIzheimer's disease is told by the nurse assistant to brush his teeth. He shouts angrily, "Tomato soup!" Which of the following actions by the nurse assistant would be correct?
Mark one answer:

Focusing on the emotional reaction.
Clarifying the meaning of his statement.
Giving him step-by-step directions.
Doing the procedure for him.

Q:9-When the nursing assistant identifies a client who has attempted to commit suicide, the nursing assistant should:
Mark one answer:

call a priest.
counsel the client.
report immediately to the nurse.
refer the matter to the police.

Q:10-A divorced 33-year-old former drug addict, is paralyzed from the waist down. During hospitalization, no family ties are evident; however, he reportedly has two teenage sons. How might you assist him in meeting his needs as they related to roles and relationships?
Mark one answer:

Have get-well cards sent anonymously.
Provide paper and pen for letter writing to his sons.
Spend time with him after work hours.
Leave him alone to allow for meditation.

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