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Q:1-One of your clients just had a stroke and is manifesting receptive aphasia. Clients with receptive aphasia:
Mark one answer:

are unable to speak.
have no difficulty in understanding spoken or written language.
are not able to express themselves meaningfully through speech.
speak very loudly at all times.

Q:2-The nursing assistant is aware that the responsibility for keeping an accurate I&O record is part of her duties. If the client is incontinent, how should she document the output?
Mark one answer:

Inform the nurse that the client has voided or defecated.
Do not document at all since it cannot be measured.
Record on the output side of the I&O sheet each time the bed is wet.
Review the client’s intake and record the same amount on the output side of the I&O sheet.

Q:3-Which of the following are examples of fluid output that need to be recorded on the I&O sheet?
Mark one answer:

Urine only.
Urine and blood loss.
Urine, blood loss, and excessive perspiration.
Urine, emesis, blood loss, and excessive perspiration.

Q:4-A client is receiving oxygen therapy via face mask. Which of the following is contraindicated for this client?
Mark one answer:

Eating his lunch.
Use of cotton bedclothes.
Shaving using an electric razor.
Talking with visitors.

Q:5-Use of which of the following articles or types of clothing would help a client with osteoarthritis perform activities of daily living adequately?
Mark one answer:

Zippered clothing.
Tied shoes to promote stability.
Velcro clothing, slip-on shoes, and rubber grippers.
Buttoned clothing, slip-on shoes, and rubber grippers.

Q:6-Which of the following is not included in the care of clients with a pacemaker?
Mark one answer:

The client is not allowed to be around electrical appliances.
The client can operate a microwave.
The client should avoid magnetic wands in airports.
Cellular phone use should be monitored closely.

Q:7-Your client has had a bowel movement. The stool is black in color and has a tarry consistency. What is your next action?
Mark one answer:

Ask the client what her previous meal contained.
Ask the nurse to observe the stool.
Dispose of the stool and report the color to the nurse.
Ask a co-worker if this is normal for this client.

Q:8-Which is not a rule for collecting specimens?
Mark one answer:

Follow the rules of medical asepsis.
Use the correct container.
Label the container accurately.
Collect the specimen when you have time.

Q:9-A nursing assistant will be changing the soiled bed linens of a client with a draining pressure ulcer. Which of the following protective equipment should the nursing assistant wear?
Mark one answer:

Clean gloves
Sterile gloves
Shoe protectors

Q:10-A client has an indwelling urinary catheter, and urine is leaking from a hole in the collection bag. Which of the following actions would be most appropriate?
Mark one answer:

Cover the hole with tape.
Report to the nurse immediately.
Disconnect the drainage bag from the catheter and replace it with a new bag.
Place a towel under the bag to prevent spillage of urine on the floor, which could cause the client to slip and fall.

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