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Practice CNA Test 07

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Q:1-Clients with osteoarthritis may be on bed rest for prolonged periods. The nursing assistant is aware that she should
Mark one answer:

encourage coughing and deep breathing and limit fluid intake.
provide only passive range of motion, and decrease stimulation.
have the client lie as still as possible, and give adequate massage.
turn the client every 2 hours, and encourage coughing and deep breathing.

Q:2-Justine (CNA) was instructed by the staff nurse to elevate the client’s casted left limb to prevent swelling. Justine is elevating the casted extremity correctly when she does which of the following?
Mark one answer:

Places the casted limb above the level of the heart.
Places the casted limb close to the body.
Places the casted limb below the level of the heart.
Places the casted limb at the level of the heart.

Q:3-A nurse obtains an order from a physician to restrain a client by using a jacket restraint and delegates a nursing assistant to assist in the restraining of the client. Which of the following observations indicates inappropriate application of the restraint by the nursing assistant?
Mark one answer:

A safety knot in the restraint straps.
Restraint straps that are safely secured to the side rails.
Jacket restraint straps that do not tighten when force is applied against them.
Jacket restraint secured so that two fingers can slide easily between the restraint and the client’s skin.

Q:4-The nurse inserts a Foley catheter to relieve a client's urinary retention. Which of the following is an inappropriate action in caring for clients with an indwelling catheter?
Mark one answer:

Emptying the drainage bag every 6-8 hours.
Attaching the drainage bag to the lowest part of the siderails near the client’s feet.
Keeping the drainage bag below bladder level.
Positioning the tubing without dependent loops.

Q:5-Elderly patients are prone to stomach-aches and bloating. Which of the following foods are avoided since they are gas-forming and contribute to the said condition?
Mark one answer:

Colas and sodas
Protein-rich foods

Q:6-In preparing a client for a hot Sitz bath, the nurse assistant should check the temperature of the water. The ideal water temperature is
Mark one answer:

Between 105°F and 120°F
Between 95°F and 110°F
Between 80°F and 93°F
Between 65°F and 80°F

Q:7-The nurse has delegated the following order to you: obtain a urinary specimen to test for sugar and ketones in a client with a medical history of diabetes mellitus. You are aware that you will obtain the specimen:
Mark one answer:

At bedtime
30 minutes after meals and at bedtime
30 minutes before meals and at bedtime
Before breakfast

Q:8-The nurse aide was asked by the licensed nurse to change the nonsterile dressing of a client. Which of the following statements is best when pertaining to this situation?
Mark one answer:

Tactfully refuse the delegated task because you are limited in changing dressings on your own.
After the wound has been cleansed, apply clean dressings and tape completely around the edges of the bandage.
In cleansing the wound, start from the surrounding skin towards the wound in longitudinal strokes.
In changing a dressing, always note the color, odor, amount, and consistency of the drainage on the old dressing.

Q:9-Which is correct about ostomy care?
Mark one answer:

It is done under sterile technique.
It needs doctor’s order for changing of ostomy pouches.
Able clients can perform this procedure by themselves once they have been taught by the nurse.
The client can still defecate normally.

Q:10-A client has a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and has orders by the doctor to apply elastic stockings. The nursing assistant is correct in performing this when she
Mark one answer:

applies the stockings while the client is on bed.
applies the stockings while the client is sitting on the chair.
applies the stockings while the client is sitting on the bed and dangles her feet.
applies the stockings while the client is standing.

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