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CNA Skills Exam for 2017. This mock test is a great help for your cna practise exam. Start practicing you free practice cna test now without registration. We provide best toughest repeatedly asked questions from previous exams. If you want to start work in Nursing cna written test questions is must. practice questions for cna exam for online cna certification test.

Online practice here for your practice cna exam online with these cna sample exam, these questions are identical to the ones asked in your real prometric cna practice exam.

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Practice CNA Test 06

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Q:1-A nursing assistant who suspects a resident is being abused by someone in the facility should report it to:
Mark one answer:

the charge nurse
the CEO
the nurse caring for the client
a fellow nurse's aide

Q:2-A nursing assistant cares for a resident who has a cast on the left arm. While receiving a bed bath, the nursing assistant notices that the fingers on the client's left hand are cold. Which of the following actions should the nursing assistant take next?
Mark one answer:

Give the client gloves
Tell the nurse immediately
Ask the client if it hurts
Feel the client's fingers on the other hand

Q:3-A client in the hospital announces that he is leaving this minute and that no one can stop him. The nursing assistant should:
Mark one answer:

tell the patient that he can't leave
tell the patient to wait and see if he likes the care more as he feels better
warn the patient that it's better to follow the doctor's recommendations
tell the patient to wait so that she can get the nurse because he has to sign a form

Q:4-A patient with a respiratory illness complains of thick, sticky secretions that are hard to cough up. The nursing assistant knows to suggest which of the following?
Mark one answer:

Go outside and breathe the fresh air
Turn and cough every hour
Cough harder
Drink plenty of fluids

Q:5-A patient has a fever and describes feeling very uncomfortable. Which of the following recommendations is best for the nursing assistant to provide?
Mark one answer:

Give the patient a cool washcloth to be placed on the forehead
Suggest the patient sit outside in the fresh air
Administer Tylenol 500mg PO
Give the patient a backrub

Q:6-The nursing assistant overhears the nurse say to the patient that he has a "bulging tympanic membrane." What does this most likely mean?
Mark one answer:

The patient is in pain
The patient should clean his ears more frequently
The patient has a viral illness
The patient has an ear infection

Q:7-A patient who has recently been paralyzed below the waist due to a motorcycle accident refuses his medications from the nurse. The patient then refuses to say anything. What is the nursing assistant's best response?
Mark one answer:

Say, "Don't worry, things will seem better tomorrow."
Say, "Why did you refuse your medication?"
Say, "You seem upset."
Ignore the client's temper tantrum

Q:8-A 52-year-old homeless man has just been admitted to the ER with a core body temperature of 90.2 degrees F. The doctor diagnoses the man with hypothermia. The nursing assistant knows that the organ most under stress from the low body temperature is the:
Mark one answer:


Q:9-The nursing assistant receives her assignment for the shift and notices that she does not have a nurse assigned to her group. What action should she take next?
Mark one answer:

Offer to team up with another nursing assistant to give medications
Alert the charge nurse to the situation
Loudly complain about the situation
Begin gathering medications she must give

Q:10-A nursing assistant begins caring for a client during a bed bath and notes he has a reddened, intact area on his coccyx. Which of the following correctly describes this condition?
Mark one answer:

Ulceration stage 2
Ulceration stage 3
Ulceration stage 1
Ulceration stage 4

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