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Practice CNA Test 05

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Q:1-An eighty-five year-old resident at a longterm care facility is signing up for an afternoon activity. The resident asks the nursing assistant which choice she thinks is best. Which of the following should the nursing assistant suggest?
Mark one answer:

Watching TV
Tai chi and meditation

Q:2-The nursing assistant knows that the term "pulse deficit" refers to:
Mark one answer:

a strong pulse
an absence of the pulse
the difference between the apical and radial pulse
the difference between the systolic and diastolic blood pressure

Q:3-A nursing assistant watches a nurse teach a client about heart failure. The client has many questions and seems more confused rather than less. Which of the following strategies is best in regard to teaching?
Mark one answer:

Give the client a brochure about heart failure
Have the client repeat back what the nurse has said
Give the client a DVD to watch about heart failure
Encourage the client to form more of a discussion with the nurse in order to understand better

Q:4-The nursing assistant cares for a client with AIDS. The nursing assistant knows that AIDS patients require what type of precautions?
Mark one answer:


Q:5-When the nursing assistant brings the client his tray for lunch, the client repeats questions twice before remembering the answer. The nursing assistant knows that the client had a fall two days ago. Which of the following actions is correct?
Mark one answer:

Report it to the nurse immediately
Assess the client's head for bruising
Take the client's temperature
Assume the client is forgetful

Q:6-A resident is having difficulty chewing regular meals at dinner. Which of the following diets might be suggested to order for next time?
Mark one answer:


Q:7-A patient says that her visitor is unable to come during visitor hours and asks if she could be accommodated. The nursing assistant:
Mark one answer:

says, "I'm sorry, that's not our policy here."
reviews the issue with the patient's nurse before answering
says, "Of course! That would be fine."
reviews the issue with the charge nurse before answering

Q:8-Before assisting the nurse to administer an enema to a bedridden client, the nursing assistant should most importantly:
Mark one answer:

reassure the client that it won't hurt much
gather all materials needed
open the window
review the procedure and what's going to happen

Q:9-When making the patient's bed, the nursing assistant knows it is most important to:
Mark one answer:

inspect the sheets for softness
change the pillow cover every four hours
straighten the sheets to reduce wrinkle formation
use linen that has only been in the client's room

Q:10-Rehabilitation care after any injury should begin when?
Mark one answer:

When the doctor says so
One week into recovery
When the patient enters a rehab program
As soon as possible

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