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Practice CNA Test 02

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Q:1-The nursing assistant cares for a client who is depressed. One day, the client states "I can't go on any longer. I have made a plan to kill myself. I don't know if I would follow through with it, but it seems much better than living this life any longer." Which of the following is the correct action?
Mark one answer:

Reassure the patient by saying, "It's not that bad. You'll feel better tomorrow."
Report the situation to the nurse in charge
Ask the patient, "Can you tell me more about your feelings?"
Report the situation to the physician

Q:2-When recording data on a legal form, it is considered correct to write with which of the following?
Mark one answer:

A red pen
A black or a blue pen
A blue pen
A black pen

Q:3-The nursing assistant takes the blood pressure of a patient known for "running low." To her surprise, the reading is 155 over 85. Which of the following factors might be directly responsible?
Mark one answer:

The patient denies skipping any medication
The patient is lying in bed
The patient is stressed
The blood pressure cuff is too tight

Q:4-What is the difference between Sims position and left lateral position?
Mark one answer:

In lateral position, the patient's head is elevated to 15 degrees on two pillow
In Sims position, the patient's undermost arm is positioned laterally and parallel to the patient's back
In Sims position, a pillow is placed between the patient's knees to prevent them from touching
In lateral position, the patient's undermost arm is positioned laterally and parallel to the patient's back

Q:5-When assisting the resident to transfer from the bed to a chair, the nursing assistant knows it is necessary to do all of the following EXCEPT:
Mark one answer:

Place the chair on the resident's strong side
Place the bed in the lowest position and lock the wheels
Encourage the resident to pivot themselves with minimal assistance
Assist the resident to put on a robe and nonskid slippers

Q:6-When applying a jacket restraint to a patient, it is most important to:
Mark one answer:

Check that the patient can fully expand their chest for breathing
Check that the patient is not able to hit any other patients nearby
Use a half-bow knot to secure each tie around the bed frame
Use a square knot to fasten the vest ties together behind the chair

Q:7-Choose the observation that should be reported to the nurse STAT.
Mark one answer:

A pulse of 72
32 respirations per minute
Blood pressure of 102 over 75
Temperature of 98.9 degrees F

Q:8-Which of the following best describes the concept of empathy?
Mark one answer:

A nursing assistant asks the nurse when she may take a meal break
A nursing assistant asks a patient whether they would like to take a walk or watch a movie
A nursing assistant speaks with a patient about their recent diagnosis of cancer
A nursing assistant speaks with a dietician about alterations to the patient's meal tray

Q:9-Another term that is similar to the word convulsion is:
Mark one answer:


Q:10-Which of the following bedtime snacks should a patient choose in order to increase their intake of vitamin D?
Mark one answer:

A cookie
An apple
A warm glass of milk
Some pretzels

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