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Here is safeguarding children. Take this online quiz to improve your knowledge of child care interview questions and answers. Try these multiple choice child protection in schools to test your knowledge. On results page of each mock test practice red answers will be wrong if any and you will have an option to hit go back button to make them correct. You can also prepare yourself for best answers to safeguarding child. We also encourage you to share these mock tests with your friends using facebook or twitter. This online safeguarding in schools is free for practice.

child safeguarding scenarios is for 2017 exam. If you not successfully achieved 100% result on our child protection policy in schools. Then have some patience and do more practice because if you go with less preparation chances are you will not get good news. Safeguarding questions for staff. Good Luck for your safeguarding questions and answers free this year 2017.

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Child Protection Test 02

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Lets begin the quiz .. Good luck!

Q:1-The proportion of rape victims under 16 is greater than
Mark one answer:


Q:2-Is the abuse of children who are constantly poorly dressed and unwashed
Mark one answer:


Q:3-Which of the following is a sign of emotional abuse?
Mark one answer:

Being left with an inappropriate carer
Engaging the child in inappropriate discussion of sexual matters
Persistently shouting at or humiliating the child

Q:4-Which of these groups is more liable to bullying?
Mark one answer:

Minority ethnic children
Higher attaining children

Q:5-In school an anti-bullying policy is
Mark one answer:


Q:6-Disabled children are more likely to be affected by
Mark one answer:

The failure of parents or carers to meet their educational needs
Negative attitudes
Over protection

Q:7-Which one is not a sign of physical abuse?
Mark one answer:

Female genital mutilation
Giving a child alcohol
Providing an inadequate diet

Q:8-Which one of the following may be a sign of significant abuse?
Mark one answer:

Irregular attendance
Seeking attention from adults
Working alone in class

Q:9-In the case of suspected abuse of a child it is not your responsibility to
Mark one answer:

Act on your personal concerns
Determine whether the child has been abused
Follow up concerns raised by others

Q:10-In which one of the following do significant changes suggest the possibility of abuse?
Mark one answer:


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