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Here is safeguarding test questions. Take this online quiz to improve your knowledge of how you can improve your child protection certificate. Try these multiple choice child protection questions and answers to test your knowledge. On results page of each mock test practice red answers will be wrong if any and you will have an option to hit go back button to make them correct. You can also prepare yourself for best answers to Child protection interview questions. We also encourage you to share these mock tests with your friends using facebook or twitter. This online Child Protection Awareness Course is free for practice.

Child Protection as Social Worker Level 1 is for 2017 exam. If you not successfully achieved 100% result on our Safeguarding Children (Level 2) Online. Then have some patience and do more practice because if you go with less preparation chances are you will not get good news. Child Protection Certificate in Safeguarding Children Awareness Level 2 Online course. Good Luck for your child protection certificate online free this year 2017.

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Child Protection Test 01

child protection test online safeguarding quiz for early years

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Lets begin the quiz .. Good luck!

Q:1-The fundamental job of a child protection worker is to:
Mark one answer:

Strengthen the community
Helping parents improve core parenting skills
Protect rights and safety of children
Prepare legal documents for court proceedings
Remove children from homes that are unsafe

Q:2-Child Protection Workers should spend the majority of their time:
Mark one answer:

Completing and updating government mandated child and family assessments and profiles
Consulting with the supervisor regarding plan of action for families
Attending family court proceedings to represent child in court
Making home visits to assess child safety and provide support
Meet with team members to provide support and encouragement

Q:3-Scenario: You have been assigned to work with a family because of allegations made that the mother has been hitting the 12 year old son. There are two younger children in the home (ages 5 and 10). The allegations were made by the 12 year old at school, when asked about a bruise on his shoulder and back. You go to the address provided for the family by the school and knock on the door. You see movement in the window and the car in the driveway, but nobody answers, what do you do?
Mark one answer:

Begin threatening the mother that the police will arrest her if she doesn't answer.
Break down the door and enter the home.
Document your attempt, notify your supervisor and consult about the next step
Call the police to break down the door
Close the file, she obviously doesn't want to talk to you anyway.

Q:4-Scenario: You receive a call from a distressed grandmother who isn't able to get her 7 year old grandson to take his ADHD medication in the morning. Consequently, he is refusing to get dressed and refusing to go to school. She has also called the police and says she can't handle him any more. She insists that he be put into care, because she can't deal with him any more.
Mark one answer:

Tell the grandmother to be more firm and strict with her grandson, and show him who is boss.
Consult with supervisor, and make preparations to take child into care
Laugh at the grandmother's inability to control her grandmother and ask her to stop waisting the agency's time
Ask police to help brace the child while grandmother administers the medication.
Try to reason with the boy to get him to take his medication

Q:5-Before apprehending a child, you should always:
Mark one answer:

Consult with your supervisor(s) to ensure just cause for apprehension
Make sure you have enough gas in your tank to get all the way back to the agency.
Ask the parents if that is okay with them.
Ask the child if they want to be apprehended.
See if any neighbors can take the child while you figure out what to do with the family

Q:6-After apprehending a child, you should place the child with:
Mark one answer:

Who they choose to be placed with
Their other parent (if separated)
Their grandparents
A foster home
An agency designated safe home that has been pre-approved by the agency, whether it be family, foster or friend

Q:7-Scenario: Your agency receives a call about a possible neglect of a new born baby (approximately 3 weeks old). The anonymous caller states the mother and father are often seen in the back yard smoking marijuana while the baby can be heard crying in the home, sometimes for hours. How soon does your agency need to respond?
Mark one answer:

24 hours
48 hours
1 week
By the end of the month
No response needed, parents still taking care of child

Q:8-Scenario: You are called to investigate a two parent family with 3 children, ages 12, 6, and 18 months. It has been alleged that the father is physically abusing the mother and the children are not being fed or clothed for school appropriately. The school has called that the 12 and 6 year old do not have adequate lunches and wear dirty clothing. What/who is the most urgent need in this family?
Mark one answer:

Anger management courses for the father
Financial support for the family to supply appropriate food and clothing for the school children
The comprehensive needs of the 18 month old child, then the older children
Counseling for the mother
Criminal charges for the father and removal of him from the home (arrest)

Q:9-Scenario: You've just finished a very busy week at work, its now Saturday and you're in the grocery store for the weekly grocery shopping trip. As you fill your cart with the last item (chocolate mint ice cream) you hear a scream from behind you. You turn around to see a toddler getting slapped by her mother and being told to shut up. When the child keeps crying, the mother slaps the child again. You are obligated to:
Mark one answer:

Do nothing, you're not on duty, time to check out and get home so you can eat some ice cream
Call the police and leave as quickly as possible
Call the after hours hotline at the agency for direction on making a referral or to call the police
Hit the mother and ask how she likes it
Show the mother your badge and threaten her to stop it or else

Q:10-Scenario: You get a call from a child who claims his mother has kicked him out of the house and he wants to have your agency take him into the agency's care. Upon finding out his birthdate, you find he is 18 years old. What is your best option?
Mark one answer:

Take the young man into your agency care in foster or group home placement
Tell him to find a comfortable box
Refer him to the local shelter
Refer him and his family to family counseling services
Refer him to various social service programs for youth, after conducting an investigation to determine if any children under 16 are at risk of abandonment, abuse or neglect in the home.

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