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CeMAP Question Papers

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Q:1-Which of the following loans would not be subject to the FSA Mortgage Conduct of Business rules?
Mark one answer:

Gavin, who is arranging a mortgage to buy a property equally split between a flat for his family and a shop to house his new business venture
James who is remortgaging his family home to raise money for a mortgage venture
Imran, who is arranging a mortgage on a three storey factory building with a self contained caretaker's flat on the top floor
Su Li, who is buying a two bedroom flat so that her mother can move closer to her family

Q:2-Which one of the following statements regarding a 'second mortgage' is FALSE? Second mortgages:
Mark one answer:

are often for home improvements
are secured without deposit of the title deeds
represent a higher risk than a first charge
usually have a lower interest rate

Q:3-Which one of the following is TRUE of a legal mortgage formed by a legal charge?
Mark one answer:

It provides the lender with direct rights over the property
It always has priority over an existing equitable mortgage
There is a Deed containing the mortgage terms
It can only apply to freehold property

Q:4-Which one of the following statements regarding the creation of mortgages is TRUE?
Mark one answer:

Creation of a legal mortgage by demise is very rare nowadays
Legal mortgage by demise is more common than legal mortgage by legal charge
Legal mortgage by demise is another name for an equitable mortgage
Legal mortgage by demise can now only be used for leasehold properties

Q:5-Which one of the following could be described as an easement?
Mark one answer:

The right to purchase a lease
A shared boundary
A right of way
A restrictive covenant

Q:6-A lender would take steps to avoid the forfeiture of a borrower's lease because the:
Mark one answer:

mortgage conditions do not permit it
lender has requested it as an option
lender's security would become of no value
borrower would be unable to make repayments

Q:7-Which part of HM Land Registry will record a plan of the property?
Mark one answer:

Property Register
Charges Register
Proprietorship Register

Q:8-Which of the following is true of easements?
Mark one answer:

They impose a positive burden on the owner
The two plots must be close to each other
Legally, they pass from owner to owner
They cannot be removed by the courts

Q:9-Which part of the Land Registry will record the rights of second mortgagees?
Mark one answer:

Charges Register
Proprietorship Register
Property Register

Q:10-Which of the following is correct in relation to second mortgages?
Mark one answer:

Second mortgages carry lower risk to the lender because the loan amounts are usually less than those of first mortgages.
In cases of possession and subsequent sale of a property by the first lender, the second lender is not entitled to receive any surplus funds.
A second mortgage is usually offered at a lower rate of interest than the first mortgage.
Title deeds remain with the first lender and the second lender will notify the first that it has taken a subsequent charge.

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