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Q:1-Which following function of money best describes why money can be saved and then used in separate transactions?
Mark one answer:

Store of value
Unit of account
Medium of exchange
Sufficient in quantity

Q:2-An endowment assurance policy used in connection with a mortgage is often referred to as:
Mark one answer:

collective security
collateral security
guaranteed repayment vehicle
security document

Q:3-Which of the following is not regarded as commodity product?
Mark one answer:

Royalties to Works of art
Commercial property

Q:4-Which product can be described as safe, secured by the government and is a good source of regular income?
Mark one answer:

NS+I growth bond
Local authority stock
NS+I premium bonds

Q:5-Which of the following is not a macroeconomic objective?
Mark one answer:

Price stability
Low unemployement
The Bank of England base rate at a 2% p/a
Satisfactory economic growth

Q:6-A public limited company wishes to raise additional finance by issuing more shares. They are therefore obliged to:
Mark one answer:

Delay dividends
Make a script issue
Make a rights issue
Arrange an Initial Public Offering

Q:7-Jim is higher rate tax payer and has invested £50,000 in Gilts at a 6% coupon. How much tax will he pay at source?
Mark one answer:


Q:8-A company has some surplus cash, which will not be needed for at least 1 month. Which of the following investment vehicles would offer the highest return for shortest period of time?
Mark one answer:

Treasury bills
Commercial paper
Certificate of deposit
Current account

Q:9-Financial intermediaries provide Risk transformation because they:
Mark one answer:

Aggregate many small deposits for often single large borrowers
Match a wide range of short term deposits accounts to long term loans
Spread creditors money amongst a wide variety of borrowers
Provide services to clients from many different locations

Q:10-Which of the following is not a common feature between banks and friendly societies?
Mark one answer:

They are both directly authorised bu the FSA
Ownership structure
Profits are given back to their owners in the form of dividends or bonuses
A requitement for general meetings

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