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Q:1-If lender discovers that a borrower has let their property insurance lapse, what action can they take?
Mark one answer:

Allow the borrower time to re establish themselves, usually within 3 months
Pay the premium and charge it to the mortgage account
Switch to the lenders block policy scheme and pay the premiums out of reserves
Write a letter after 8 weeks warning the borrower that they breached the mortgage deed and that the mortgage can be called in

Q:2-Which of the following is true in relation to the house buying process, if a prospective buyer withdraws from the transaction the day before exchange of contracts?
Mark one answer:

The vendor can sue for breach of contract
The purchaser can withdraw with no liability to costs
The vendor can claim for all reasonable costs
The purchaser can withdraw, however they will lose their deposit

Q:3-The Consumer Credit Act legislation would regulate?
Mark one answer:

A loan for partnership for £26,000 for use in their trade
A loan to improve a main residence
Only unsecured loans
A second charge loan consolidation credit card debts

Q:4-Which of the following would a lender insist on an undertaking?
Mark one answer:

Substantial repairs to the roof
Decorate the property
Serious wet rot in the kitchen
When a self certified mortgage is offered

Q:5-What does possessory title mean in relation to registered land?
Mark one answer:

Freehold cannot be guaranteed, however leasehold can be confirmed
When full title can be confirmed
When there is a defect in the title
When the title was first registered the title deeds were missing

Q:6-Sharon and Michael own a property with a joint mortgage. Following their divorce, Sharon will continue to live in the house with original mortgage, which of the following is true?
Mark one answer:

Michael can sell his share to claim back the money owed on the mortgage
Michael will lose all ownership of the property and Sharon will be liable for the whole mortgage
Sharon and Michael are still both liable for the mortgage
Michael is only liable for 50% of the mortgage

Q:7-Daniel has been successful is a property auction for a house valued at £160,000. He must now:
Mark one answer:

Exchange the same day and pay all money owed within 28 days
Pay a 10% deposit and exchange contracts within 28 days
Pay a 10% deposit and exchange contracts on the same day
Pay a 10% deposit and show proof that a mortgage for the rest can be obtained

Q:8-At which point is the legal charge executed?
Mark one answer:

On exchange of contracts
Offer of advance
On completion
After completion

Q:9-Who of the following is able to take out a mortgage?
Mark one answer:

Glen who is an undischarged bankrupt
Jenny who gave enduring power of attorney to her daughter Jill
Barbara who is 17 and looking to buy her first property
Darren who had an individual voluntary arrangement confirmed recently

Q:10-Donna is selling her flat and moving to a new home, she is using estate agent Bill and mortgage adviser Mary. Under the principles of agency who are/is deemed the agent(s) and principle(s)?
Mark one answer:

Bill and Mary are agents and Donna is the principle
Bill is the agent and Donna and Mary are principles
Bill is the agent and Donna is the principle only
Bill and Mary and principles and Donna is the agent

cemap 2 exam questions cemap 1 mock exam questions