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CeMAP Test Questions

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Q:1-Which of the following is NOT a feature of "exempt approval" in a company pension scheme?
Mark one answer:

Employees' contributions receive tax relief at the highest rate payable
the investment funds are not subject to tax on gains
Pensions in payment are free from income tax
part of the benefit at retirement is payable tax free

Q:2-John Brown is a member of the Body & Company Pension Plan. He joined the plan at age 30 and his current salary is £16,000. What is the maximum lump sum death benefit that can be provided for him?
Mark one answer:


Q:3-Lizzie Borden, aged 30, contributes 5 per cent of her salary to the Axe Bros Pension Plan. She wishes to pay the maximum AVC contribution, based on her salary of £13,333. How much can she pay into the AVC?
Mark one answer:


Q:4-What is the maximum pension that can be provided under an executive pension plan?
Mark one answer:

there is no maximum - benefits are related to a maximum contribution of salary
50% of salary
66.67% of salary
150% of salary

Q:5-Anne Anderson aged 34, wishes to pay the maximum Stakeholder contribution based on earnings of £35,000. She can pay an annual contribution of
Mark one answer:


Q:6-When considering a client's investment needs - which of the following should be considered?
Mark one answer:

family circumstances
need for income/capital
term of the investment/liquidity
all of the above

Q:7-What is a gilt?
Mark one answer:

An investment in the form of a loan to a local authority.
An equity-based investment guaranteed by the Government.
An investment in the Bank of England.
An investment in the form of a loan to the Government.

Q:8-Amy invested £1,000 in Cash Mini ISA in June 2005. What is the maximum she could invest in Stocks and Shares through ISAs in tax year 2005/06?
Mark one answer:


Q:9-Which of the following carries the lower risk to the sum invested?
Mark one answer:

overseas equities
UK equities
managed funds
cash or money funds

Q:10-Which of the following may be of particular interest to a higher rate taxpayer looking for a medium risk investment?
Mark one answer:

higher rate building society account
Stocks and Shares ISA, invested in unit trusts
Cash ISA

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