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Free cemap online questions to pass cemap past exam papers 2017. For cemap specimen papers you must go through real exam. For that we provide cemap module 1 mock exam 2017 real test. We discuss in these cemap mortgage qualification from different topics like mortgage advisor cemap, cemap 2 revision notes 2017.

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In this test you have to answer ifs cemap exam. To get pass cemap mortgage exams you must answers correct. So Enjoy these cemap module 1 revision notes to get enough knowledge for cemap 1 questions attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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Q:1-An investment trust company is one which:
Mark one answer:

is controlled by a unit trust
invests in other companies
is owned by an insurance company
invests in overseas stocks only

Q:2-In which circumstances may the State provide a lump sum benefit?
Mark one answer:

in a maternity claim
to a widow on death of her husband
to an employee on redundancy

Q:3-When an underwriter is considering the risk under a new proposal, which of the following need be considered?
Mark one answer:

hobbies and pastimes
current state of health
all of the above

Q:4-In underwriting a proposal, occupation is particularly important in which of the following?
Mark one answer:

endowment assurance
term assurance

Q:5-Which of the following will provide an income in case of illness that will last until retirement?
Mark one answer:

an annuity
Sickness and accident policy
Critical illness cover

Q:6-Under a flexible whole life assurance, the assured has the option to:
Mark one answer:

Extend/reduce the policy term
Vary the level of cover depending on the circumstances
Switch to another form of policy without providing evidence of health
Purchase an annuity at the maturity date

Q:7-A non-taxpayer with a large portfolio of unit trusts will pay tax on its dividend distributions of:
Mark one answer:


Q:8-Which of the following is guaranteed to repay an interest only mortgage at the end of the mortgage term?
Mark one answer:

Whole life policy
Low cost endowment
Non profit endowment
Unit linked endowment

Q:9-Who could put the most into their existing ISA?
Mark one answer:

Mark who already has £6,000 in stocks and shares and life assurance in a maxi ISA
Pam who already has £1,500 in a cash mini ISA
Paul who already has £1,000 in a stocks and shares in his mini ISA
Kathryn who already has £5,500 in cash and stocks and shares in her maxi ISA

Q:10-An OEIC is like a Unit Trust in which way?
Mark one answer:

They both buy and sell shares to investors
Each uses bid/ offer prices
They are both designed to be marketed across the European Union
Income and Capital Gains tax for the investor is the same

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