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Q:1-Which of the following is NOT one of the stages in assessing need prior to making recommendations?
Mark one answer:


Q:2-Where a client has income from employment and self employment:
Mark one answer:

they must be covered by the same pension arrangements
they will be treated separately for pension purposes
the Inland Revenue must be contacted re pension provision
the DWP must be contacted re pension provision

Q:3-The self employed can have:
Mark one answer:

basic state pension + S2P + personal pension plan
S2P + AVC's
basic state pension + personal pension plan
basic state pension + AVC's

Q:4-A basic rate taxpayer wants to invest in gilts but is concerned about paying tax. Which of the following would give them the lowest tax to pay?
Mark one answer:

A gilt offering 6% coupon
A gilt offering a 6% coupon and 6% capital gain per annum
A gilt offering 12% coupon per annum
A gilt offering a 12% capital gain per annum

Q:5-Annuities which are paid until the death of the investor are called:
Mark one answer:

Purchased life annuities
Lifetime annuities
Temporary annuities
Capital protected annuity

Q:6-Which of the following is subject to the lowest risk?
Mark one answer:

unit trust invested in a "managed fund"
building society account
with profit endowment assurance
Unit Linked Single Premium Bond invested in a "managed fund"

Q:7-Which of the following attracts the greatest risk?
Mark one answer:

national savings
with profits endowment assurance

Q:8-National Savings:
Mark one answer:

are a means of indirect taxation
provide a variety of taxable and tax-free investments
provide tax-free investments only
provide taxable benefits only

Q:9-A gilt has a 10% coupon. What would that mean?
Mark one answer:

10% interest paid annually
10% return when the gilt is redeemed (capital growth)
10% return in the form of both interest and capital growth
paying 10% more than the face value of the gilt, due to the high interest rate

Q:10-Where a stockbroker monitors a clients portfolio for favourable or unfavourable trading circumstances, it is called:
Mark one answer:

an advisory service
A best execution service
an ISA service
a dealing service

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