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On this page you will find california dmv written test 2017 answers for california dmv practice test. This california dmv test questions and answers is completely free with no charge at all. You will be given 46 questions in your ca dmv test questions and answers free real exam. Our free dmv test questions and answers is similar with the original dmv test answers 2017 california. You can also find dmv practice test 2017 california often asked in previous exams.

In free dmv practice test california you must achieve 83% marks which are 38 from 46 questions. These questions are for dmv sample test papers and answers but will also helpful for ca dmv practice test free. When you visits dmv test 2017 california you will see many multiple choice questions each with a set of 10 ca dmv practice test.

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dmv written test 2017 california dmv practice test 2017

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Q:1-What should you do if you are overtaking a bicycle and an oncoming vehicle is approaching at the same time?
Mark one answer:

You should leave a little room to the oncoming vehicle while overtaking the bicycle
You must sound your horn to alert the bicyclist
You must overtake the bicycle first to give extra room to the oncoming vehicle
You must slow down and let the vehicle pass first to give extra room to the bicycle

Q:2-The wide white line painted across a traffic lane before you enter the intersection is known as
Mark one answer:

crosswalk line
limit line
merge line
yield line

Q:3-Lanes of traffic going in opposite directions are divided by:
Mark one answer:

yellow lane dividers
red lane dividers
white lane dividers
black lane dividers

Q:4-When should you yield to another driver at an intersection?
Mark one answer:

If the driver is just starting to enter the intersection
If the driver reaches the intersection before you
If the driver is to your right and reaches the intersection at the same time as you do
All of the above

Q:5-When parking and leaving your vehicle on a highway or street, which of the following is not recommended?
Mark one answer:

locking the ignition
stopping the engine
setting the brakes
lowering the windows

Q:6-If you plan to turn beyond an intersection, you must:
Mark one answer:

signal before passing through the intersection
signal just before making a turn
signal just after you pass through the intersection
not give any turn signal

Q:7-The first rule of a safe and legal turn is:
Mark one answer:

to cut corners while turning
to move into the proper lane well before the turn
to reduce the speed
to increase the speed

Q:8-When should you switch on your high-beam headlights?
Mark one answer:

Always at night
At night when it rains
When driving in open country or on dark city streets
All of the above

Q:9-If a tire suddenly goes flat while driving, you must:
Mark one answer:

hold the steering wheel tightly and keep the vehicle straight
try to stop your vehicle on the road
try to move to the left side of the road
try to increase the speed to control your vehicle

Q:10-To turn left from a one-way street to another, a driver must begin the turn:
Mark one answer:

from the left lane and make the turn close to the right curb
from the left lane and make the turn close to the left curb
from the right lane and make the turn close to the right curb
from the right lane and make the turn close to the left curb

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