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CA Drivers License Test

Free dmv questions to pass dmv behind the wheel test questions. For learners practice test answers you must go through real exam. For that we provide dmv test online 2018 real test. We discuss in these dmv ca appointment from different topics like dmv written test 2018, dmv test 2018.

dmv test california

In this test you have to answer my california permit. To get pass dmv practice test you must answers correct. So Enjoy these dmv test questions to get enough knowledge for dmv practice test ca attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

Driving Test Tips

Drivers License California

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Q:1-On an expressway, you can avoid highway hypnosis by
Mark one answer:

constantly shifting your eyes from one part of the roadway to another.
listening to very loud music.
constantly talking on your cell phone.
constantly moving your car from one lane into another.

Q:2-WWhen a highway is divided into two roadways by a median or barrier,
Mark one answer:

you can drive across the median or barrier in emergencies.
you must not drive across the median or barrier except to make a U-turn.
you can drive across the median or barrier to make a left turn.
you must not drive across the median or barrier except where there is an approved crossover.

Q:3-What does this image mean?
a low underpass or bridge.
Mark one answer:

You are permitted to proceed through this lane.
Driving is prohibited through this lane.
You must slow down.
You are required to stop your vehicle.

Q:4-If your vehicle's turn signals fail, use _________ until you can get them repaired.
Mark one answer:

brake lights
emergency signals
hand signals

Q:5-The eye test for the driver's license evaluates
Mark one answer:

depth and color perception.
peripheral vision.
all of the above.

Q:6-When you see an elderly person crossing an intersection, you should
Mark one answer:

increase the speed of your vehicle and cross the intersection quickly.
stop your vehicle and yield the right-of-way.
blow your horn to stop the person.
continue driving your vehicle.

Q:7-When changing lanes, look over your shoulder in the direction you plan to move to make sure there are no other vehicles in
Mark one answer:

shoulder zones.
free zones.
no-passing zones.
blind spots.

Q:8-Some streets and highways have diagonal yellow lines. These indicate that
Mark one answer:

a) the road is narrowing.
b) there is an obstruction on the roadway.
either a) or b).
neither a) nor b).

Q:9-At 55 mph, in good conditions, your vehicle will travel about ____ feet in the time that it takes you to react to an object in your path and bring your vehicle to a complete stop.
Mark one answer:


Q:10-When you approach an intersection with a through road but without stop signs or yield signs, you must
a low underpass or bridge.
Mark one answer:

yield to traffic and pedestrians on the through road.
make a sharp turn to match the speed of traffic on the through road.
not enter the through road.
accelerate to merge with traffic.

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