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drivers license test questions

On this page you will find california drivers permit test for driving test written. This driving licence written test is completely free with no charge at all. You will be given 46 questions in your written exam dmv. Our dmv learners permit test is similar with the california dmv tests questions and answers. You can also find free online practice permit test often asked in previous exams.

In driving sample test you must achieve 83% marks which are 38 from 46 questions. These questions are for free california permit test but will also helpful for ca permit test. When you visits dmv ca gov practice written test you will see many multiple choice questions each with a set of 10 dmv test for permit .

driving test practice questions

dmv permit test questions and answers online practice driving test

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Q:1-When approaching an intersection to make a right turn, you must stay _________ and make the turn close to the right curb.
Mark one answer:

as close to the right as possible
on the shoulder
in the center lane
as close to the left as possible

Q:2-What does this road sign indicate?
steep downgrade ahead sign
Mark one answer:

A one-lane bridge ahead
A steep downgrade ahead
Trucks turning ahead
A slippery road ahead

Q:3-A steady yellow arrow pointing left at an intersection indicates to the driver that:
Mark one answer:

he/she must increase speed
oncoming traffic is stopped and he/she may turn left
the left turn signal is about to change to green or red light or the red arrow
none of the above

Q:4-An __________ is the connection of a freeway to a road or another freeway by a series of ramps.
Mark one answer:

acceleration lane
entry ramp
exit ramp

Q:5-Which of the following statements about passing a vehicle is NOT true?
Mark one answer:

Do not follow another vehicle that is passing a car in front of you
You can exceed the speed limit to make the pass quick
Avoid passing on the right, unless you can do it safely
Do not pass more than one vehicle at a time

Q:6-If someone is following you too closely, you must:
Mark one answer:

discourage this action and not allow the driver to pass
increase your speed
slow down and encourage the driver to pass
move on to the left lane

Q:7-What does this flashing arrow panel mean?
lane ahead is closed sign
Mark one answer:

The lane ahead is open to traffic
Flaggers ahead
The left lane is winding ahead
The lane ahead is closed

Q:8-This hand signal indicates:
driver is slowing or stopping sign
Mark one answer:

the driver is taking a left turn
the driver is taking a right turn
the driver is slowing or stopping
the driver is making a U-turn

Q:9-When you see a triangle-shaped road sign while driving, you must:
Mark one answer:

come to a complete stop
reduce your speed and yield
increase your speed
make a right turn

Q:10-The octagonal shape in the figure is:
stop sign
Mark one answer:

a road construction sign
a do not enter sign
a yield sign
a stop sign

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