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Practice Bookkeeping Test 02

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Q:1-Recording in the general journal is for:
Mark one answer:

Vendor and sales invoices
Customer and vendor payments
All of the above
None of the above

Q:2-Transactions posted to the general ledger:
Mark one answer:

Are taken from the general journal
Are taken from the trial balance
Are taken from the balance sheet
Are taken from the income statement

Q:3-A debit to an asset account will:
Mark one answer:

Decrease the asset account
Have no effect on the asset account
Increase the asset account

Q:4-A credit to an expense account will:
Mark one answer:

Decrease the expense account
Increase the expense account
May increase or decrease the expense account

Q:5-Liabilities are increased with:
Mark one answer:

A debit to the account
A credit to the account
Neither a debit or credit to the account

Q:6-Bank reconciliations are required to:
Mark one answer:

Account for errors in the bookkeeping
Match the bookkeeping records to the bank statement
Find the errors that banks make

Q:7-If there are differences between the company books and the bank statement:
Mark one answer:

The bank is notified immediately
Entries are made to balance the bookkeeping discrepancies
The differences are left unchanged

Q:8-What accounts are found in the balance sheet?
Mark one answer:

Assets and liabilities
Revenue and expenses
Assets, liabilities and equity
Expenses and assets

Q:9-What statement is used to ensure debits equal credits?
Mark one answer:

Trial Balance
Balance Sheet
Income Statement

Q:10-The income statement shows:
Mark one answer:

Expenses and income
Income and cost of goods sold
Income, cost of goods sold and expenses
Just income

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